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James E. Rogers Department of Mass Communication
Idaho State University
921 S. 8th Avenue
Stop 8242
LA 120
Pocatello, ID 83209
Phone: (208) 282-3295

Department of Mass Communication

Alumni and Contributions

The James E. Rogers Department of Mass Communication is funded, in part, by the generous contributions of Mr. James E. Rogers, owner of Sunbelt Communications Inc. The Department was first granted official department status in 2001, adding the positions of Department Chair and Media Specialist to the existing faculty positions of Graphics, Photography, Television, Journalism and Advertising/Public Relations.

With over 300 undergraduate students declared as Mass Communication majors, we see that there is a growing interest in all fields of media research and production. After all, because of how technology now influences our lives, it is easy to see that written, visual and auditory information has a profound effect upon how we experience the world and our relationships to it. As media professionals, Mass Communication Alumni already know this, but our young students have yet to feel the wide range of experiences that await them in our profession.

We ask for your help. By taking an active interest in the development of our students and department, you may contribute to the experiences of these budding media content creators in a myriad of ways. Internships for students through the Mass Communication Department build strong relationships between the University and the community, and local employment opportunities help to keep our talented young people right here in Eastern Idaho. Additionally, private contributions may be made to the department in order to provide scholarships or to help us keep up with the overwhelming costs of technology.

If you cannot help us in that way, show your support by just sending us an email to let us know about how we may better serve the community at large. In the meantime, we are here, helping our students to create and to critically evaluate "the message". Thanks in part to your help, these young people will be better able to meet the challenges of our fields in the decades to come.

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