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Department of Mass Communication

Advising & Curriculum

Advising Policy and Procedure

We all know how important advising is...

Good advising can make your experience at college rewarding, and most likely, less expensive! A good, professional relationship with your advisor can last a lifetime and will benefit you, your advisor, and the Mass Comm department greatly.

Advising is the two weeks prior to spring and fall registration. Registration always starts at midnight on a Monday. The specific dates for each class level is listed on the registrar's website under Calendars/Schedules.

The following guidelines are meant to help you.

Advising takes place beginning the day that printed class schedules are distributed.

Students must be formally advised each semester by their assigned Mass Communication faculty advisor prior to registration. Failure to meet this requirement could result in a delay in graduation.

Students are responsible for knowing and meeting all their degree/graduation requirements in accordance with the relevant ISU catalog.

Students who fail to attend the first class meeting without making prior arrangements may be disenrolled.

Students who miss more than 15 percent of class meetings may not earn a passing grade.

Advising questions? Contact the Mass Comm Department

Other advising questions? Contact ISU Academic Advising

Mass Communication curriculum information

Advising Forms by Emphasis

All files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format

For more information, please visit the ISU Mass Comm Curriculum Page.

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