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Submitting Interlibrary Loan Requests to the Idaho State University Library

This is a service for ISU students, faculty or staff members.

Requests can be made from any computer with Internet access and will be sent directly to the ISU Interlibrary Loan Office for processing.

In 48 hours (not including weekends or holidays), you can check the status of your requests by checking under "Your Record" in the Library Catalog.

General Information

**Articles and book chapters will be posted to the Web as a PDF file - this is the only option.**

For Help With the Electronic Request Forms Contact One of the Following:

Reference (208-282-3152)

Health Sciences Reference (208-282-4686)

How to Submit a Request Form

Only 1 item per form

  1. Open the Library catalog.
  2. Click on Request at the top of the screen, then add Bengal ID number, last name and Login.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, choose the type of request you wish to make from the drop-down list and click OK.
       Copy of a Book Chapter
       Copy of an Article
       Borrow a Book from another library (Use the Borrow a Book from another library form for books, videos, microfilm, etc.)
  4. When the chosen form appears, much of your personal contact information has already been auto-filled. Fill in the other essential information. Please verify your contact information. If any is incorrect, contact the Main Circulation Desk at (208) 282-3248 for a temporary fix. To make the changes permanent, you must update your personal information in the Bengal Web portal.
  5. On the blank Form fill in the required information for your request and other information if you know it.
  6. In the Deliver to: box, select a delivery option or site from the drop down list:
    • Pocatello (ISU Library)
    • IF (Univ.Lib.Center)
    • Meridian (ISU Center)
    • Mail (ISU Books Only)
    • Web (Article-Distance)
    • Web (Article-ISU campus)
    This selection determines where/how you will get the requested materials. Books from other libraries can only be picked up at one of the ISU sites (Pocatello, IF, or Meridian) - these books can not be mailed directly to you, at this time. Copies of book chapters or articles will ALWAYS be sent via the Web. If you are a distance student/faculty/staff person, then select option 5. Web (Article-Distance). If you take classes on the Pocatello campus, then select option 6. Web (Article-ISU campus).
  7. Enter your Bengal ID Number again and Click on the Submit Request button to send the request.
  8. To Submit additional request forms: Click on the New Search button, then the Request button.
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