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Borrow an item (Loan) from another library

General Information – InstructionsInterlibrary Loan page

Books, theses, dissertations, musical scores, government documents, videos, CD/DVDs, or newspaper microfilm. These items MUST be returned to the library. Standard services are provided free of charge. Please refer to the ILL Fees Chart for more information regarding Interlibrary Loan fees.

This service is only available to faculty, students and staff on the Pocatello, Idaho Falls or Meridian campuses. Please see Services for Distance Users for services at other locations.

***Please check the Library Online Catalog and the A-Z Journal List before submitting a request to make sure the item is NOT available via the ISU Libraries.

Place a Hold or Recall on items that are currently checked out. Requests for items the ISU Libraries own or have access to will be rejected.

  1. Verify your citation
  2. Check the Library Online Catalog AND the A-Z Journal List.
  3. Watch typing errors - Spelling counts!
  4. Provide as much information as possible: Title, Author, Date, Publisher
  5. Request Renewal
  6. Thesis/Dissertation Hints
  7. Newspaper Microfilm Hints

Helpful Links:
  1. Electronic Delivery FAQ
  2. Policies
  3. Fees
  4. ILL FAQ
  5. Contact Information

You can monitor the status of your request by checking “Your Record” in the Library Catalog. Please wait 24-48 hours (not including weekends or holidays) for your request to appear in “Your Record”. You will receive a notice in your ISU email account (yourname@isu.edu) when the item becomes available.

Most items arrive in about two weeks. Due dates vary and are set by the lending library. Overdue fines are $1.00 per item per day overdue. Renewals can be requested by replying to the “Courtesy Due Notice” email, calling the ILL office at (208) 282-3127, or completing a renewal request form at the Main Circulation Desk.

Instructions: (Only ONE item per form)
     For help with forms, please contact the Reference Desk (208) 282-3152 or the Idaho Health Sciences Reference Desk
     (208) 282-4686.

  1. Login in to the Request form using your ISU ID Number and your last name. (You can also access the Request form by clicking on the “Request” button in the Library Catalog or from the “Library Quick Links” pull down menu on the Library Homepage.)
  2. In the pull-down menu at the bottom of the screen select Borrow a Book from another library. This form is used for ALL loan materials.
  3. Verify personal information for accuracy. Please contact the Main Circulation desk to correct errors.
  4. Fill in fields as completely as possible (Fields marked in bold and with an asterisk [*] are required*.)
  5. Select Deliver To: from the pull down menu.
    1. 1. Pocatello (ISU Library)
    2. 2. IF (Univ.Lib.Center)
    3. 3. Meridian (ISU Center)
      This selection determines where/how you will get the requested materials. Books from other libraries can only be picked up at one of the ISU sites (Pocatello, IF, or Meridian). Interlibrary Loan items cannot be mailed directly to you.
  6. Enter your ISU ID Number again.
  7. Click Submit Request button.

To request additional items, click on Submit another ILL request button & repeat steps 2-7.


Many institutions are making their theses/dissertations available online. Please check our online directories for availability. (Contact the Reference Desk for assistance.)

The Library will attempt to secure a loan of a thesis or dissertation. If we are unable to obtain a loan, you may purchase the item for your personal collection. ILL can also order material directly without first attempting a loan. Go to Purchase a Thesis/Dissertation for more information.


You can use either the Borrow a Book or Copy of an Article form to request newspapers on microfilm. If using the “Copy” form, press the keyboard space bar to bypass the non-essential “required” fields (article title, etc.)
Please provide:

  1. Actual title of the newspaper (e.g. Morning News instead of “Blackfoot Newspaper”.).
  2. Complete place of publication - city and state (e.g. Montgomery County News in Montgomery, TX).
  3. Exact dates desired. If date ranges are close (e.g. Jan- Feb. 1952), you can fill out one request. If the dates are distant, (e.g. Jan 1953 and Feb. 1962), please submit separate requests, one for each date range needed.

Please be aware that some titles comprise multiple reels of film and many libraries limit how many reels they will send at one time. We may need to submit a new request when finished with the initial grouping. Plan your time accordingly.


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