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What is PRIMO?

PRIMO is a Discovery Tool that allows you to search the Library catalog along with millions of scholarly e-resources all at the same time. The results from a search are relevance-ranked, so even though your results are usually numbered in the hundreds of thousands, the best matches are found in the first few pages. Some of PRIMO's advantages:

  1. Faster: You search just once to find all different kinds of materials.
  2. Easier: After-search filters let you start with a simple keyword search and then refine your results by simply clicking on the filters you wish to apply.
  3. bX Recommender: Many citations point to related articles.
  4. Save your research: Save items or searches in a personal e-Shelf, or export them to EndNote.

What am I searching?

PRIMO includes many different sources that can be searched in several different ways:

Catalog & Databases includes everything: the Library catalog, our A-Z Journal List, EBSCO databases, and the PRIMO Central Index (PCI)

Books & more (Catalog) includes just our local holdings, specifically the Library catalog and our A-Z Journal List

Articles & more (Databases) includes the PRIMO Central Index (PCI) and EBSCO databases

What is the PRIMO Central Index?

It is a mega-aggregation of hundreds of millions of scholarly e-resources, which include journal articles, e-books, reviews, legal documents and more that are available from primary and secondary publishers and aggregators, as well as from open-access repositories. When using ISUís PRIMO interface, you are only searching e-resources from publishers and aggregators that Idaho State University has agreements with, meaning almost every title in your results will be available in full-text. If you want to see more, you can easily expand your results using another after-search filter called Expand My Results. You can then use Interlibrary Loan to request additional materials, if we do not have the source journal in our local (paper) Library collection.

What is in the Library catalog?

It includes our local library collection of e-books, periodicals (journals, magazines, and newspapers), media (CDís, DVDís, and videos), maps, music scores, and government documents. Note that it does NOT include journal articles. Those are found only in the other 2 choices.

What is in the A-Z Journal List?

This is a comprehensive list of our paper and electronic journals and magazines.

What is in the EBSCO databases?

ISU subscribes to 60+ databases from EBSCO. For a complete list of EBSCO databases click here. Note that EBSCO has limited availability to the content of their databases in PRIMO (see below), so the only way to be sure you find everything from EBSCO is to go to the EBSCO site.

What do I need to know about limited EBSCO content?

If you use one of the after-search filters, EBSCO content is removed from your search results. However, you still have access to a large amount of material that we get from EBSCO because indexing of that same material is provided by vendors who are not so restrictive.

Where can I go to find everything that is available to me?

From the Library home page, you can link to Databases Ė Alphabetic Listing, Resources by Subject, or the Health Sciences Resources Ė Alphabetical List.

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