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Who was Eli M. Oboler?
Why is there a big rock near the library entrance?
How old is the building?
Libraries trivia

Who was Eli M. Oboler?

Eli M. Oboler was the director of the library from 1949-1980 and an advocate of intellectual freedom. More about Oboler.

Why is there a big rock near the library entrance?

It is part of the campus Centennial Rock Walk, completed in 2001 for the university's centennial. Rocks from all 44 Idaho counties are matched with buildings on the ISU campus in their approximate geographic orientation within Idaho. Each county donated a rock for the rock walk. These rocks are mounted on standardized circular bases, which are placed at buildings across campus. Each rock has a plaque, with information about the rock and its place in Idaho history. The library's rock comes from Jerome County, in south central Idaho.

How old is the library building?

It was completed in 1977 and named after its longtime director, Eli M. Oboler, in 1983.

Libraries trivia

42 library staff
Over one million volumes
4,573 active subscriptions
242 PC's not including those in the Computer Lab on 2nd floor


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209