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Board Members:

Nancy Anthony
Randy Gaines
Janet Higgins
Dan Hunt
Jenny Semenza
Keevan Shropshire, President
Ex Officio Members:
Karl Bridges, Interim Dean/University Librarian, AUL for Systems
Sue Roth, Treasurer

Sponsored Events:

Mini Golf Event at the Library
February 8, 2014
, annual fund raising Miniature Golf event. Hazards were developed this year to make the course more challenging. Team competition was introduced this year with trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes. A closest to the hole and putting contests were also added this year!

Mini Golf Event at the Library
March 9, 2013
, annual fund raising Miniature Golf event where, students, faculty, and staff, along with members of the community came to try their luck and enjoy the fun of golfing through the Library. Good fun! Good food! Good Friends!

Mini Golf Event at the Library
February 4, 2012
, an annual fund raiser where, students, faculty, and staff, along with members of the community came to try their luck and enjoy the fun of golfing through the Library. There was even a hole that required putting down the back stairwell!

Honorable N. Randy Smith
Wednesday, October 5th, 2011
, The Honorable N. Randy Smith, U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, lectured on “Judicial Independence,” in the Bistline Theatre of the Performing Arts Center. A reception honoring Judge Smith was held before the lecture in the promenade by the Bistline Theatre.

Mini Golf Event at the Library
February 26, 2011
, a fund raiser called Miniature Golf in the Library, Students, faculty, and staff, along with members of the community came to try their luck and enjoy the fun of golfing around the book shelves, old book presses, tables and chairs, through narrow walkways strewn with remnants of the library's bygone era.

Mini Golf Event at the Library
April 10, 2010 - Mini-Golf in the Oboler Library
, for a rousing round of miniature golf in the Idaho State University's Eli M. Oboler Library, come support FOOLS and the Library.

Michael Halpern September 22, 2009 - Government and Science, a presentation by Michael Halpern, Union of Concerned Scientists, covering: intellectual freedom, rights and responsibilities of government scientists, limiting intellectual freedom, implications of congressional and executive branch actions.

Pat BagleyNovember 7, 2008 -- Pat Bagley, editorial cartoonist for the Salt Lake Tribune, spoke about his profession, work methods, and what inspires him to create. It was also a reminder, to all who call themselves FOOLs that the real role of the court jester has always been to tell the truth, but to cloak it in laughter.

quill pen and inkApril 17, 2008 -- A Toast to our Authors honored faculty from the ISU Kasiska College of Health Professions who published scholarly works in 2007. To enhance the celebration, there was wine tasting, accompanied by hors d'oeuvres.

Frederick A. O. SchwarzNovember 16, 2007 -- Frederick A. O. Schwarz, award-winning attorney, author and legal scholar, presented the keynote lecture at a FOOL dinner. He spoke about his book, Unchecked and Unbalanced, from which the following quote is taken: "In the name of national security, the Administration of President George W. Bush claims that the Constitution's structure of separated branches sharing powers is inadequate. It claims we must place unfettered, absolute trust in the executive branch. Our nation's history...teaches that such claims are dangerous, as well as unfounded"

quill pen and inkApril 13, 2007 - A Toast to Our Authors, a reception featuring ISU authors from the Humanities departments who published in 2006.

October 16, 2006 - Media in the Crosshairs: the attacks on media credibility, a panel discussion with Pocatello Mayor Roger Chase, Lyle Olson from the Idaho State Journal, and Doug Anderson from KPVI Newschannel 6.

big bandMarch 31, 2006 - Swing Into Spring
With the help of a sixteen-piece swing band, the Friends Of Oboler Library will bid farewell to a winter's workweek and welcome in the Spring (if only symbolically) on March 31 at the Marshall Rotunda of the Stephens Performing Arts Center.

comedy/drama masksApril 15, 2005 - "A Celebration of FOOLs", at ISU's Frazier Hall. At the reception, Dr. Tom Flanigan, Visiting Assistant Professor of English and Philosophy, spoke on "The Fool in Shakespeare", and Norm Schroeder, director of ISU's theatre production, Twelfth Night, described the characters and events of that play. After the gathering, many guests stayed for the crew rehearsal.

Dr. David AdlerOctober 1, 2004 – Dr. David Adler was the featured speaker at the FOOL's dinner at the Red Lion Hotel. Dr. Adler, a distinguished professor in the Department of Political Science at ISU and nationally recognized authority on Constitutional law, reviewed current threats to liberty posed by the federal government's responses to terrorism.

group of books representing library book saleApril 15, 2004 – was FOOL's night at the biennial Oboler Library Book Sale. Several members took advantage of the "first look-first choice" of books for sale.

Little Pat and Toolz
April 1, 2004 – Little Pat and Toolz, award winning clown act, entertained the audience after dinner and silent auction to raise funds to support the General Library Endowment Fund.

Judith KrugSeptember 30, 2003 – Judith Krug, of the American Library Association, gave an address entitled: Protect Us From Our Protectors, the PATRIOT Act & the Children's Internet Protection Act - Their Impact Upon Us and Our Libraries. To celebrate this anniversary of his birthday, the Friends honored Eli M. Oboler, for whom the Library is named. He devoted his career to combating censorship and upholding the First Amendment rights of free expression and unhindered access to information.

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