Safe Zone

Safe Zone is an in-depth, 2 hour long training in which faculty and staff are educated on matters related to the LGBTQ community, as well as are given the option to register as an official ISU Safe Zone member. Safe Zone members are individuals comfortable and capable of assisting students find LGBTQ resources here on campus, as well as providing a safe person for the student to discuss issues related to the LGBTQ presence here; this includes such matters as coming out, finding allies, and helping make campus a more comforting and inviting place.

Not everyone can be a Safe Zone member, something we understand. Nor do we want people to take the mantle of Safe Zone lightly. Only those willing to help a student completely with LGBTQ issues should register as a Safe Zone. However, we think it is imperative that everyone receive the training, and thus the education, to be better knowledgeable on LGBTQ issues.

To request a training for your department or find available materials, click here.


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