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Bill Martin

Featured Program:

Geeks Are Wired

Tuesday from 10:00pm-11:00pm
Host: Bill Martin

Geeks Are Wired is a nerd and geek podcast that talks about movies, comic books, tv shows, technology, video games, card games, and more hosted by Bill Martin. From Avengers to Zettabytes we TLDR it all for you.

You might find out that the hosts of Geeks Are Wired spends our spare time hitting each other with foam sticks, playing epic video games, and building home entertainment computers, all while casting Magic The Gathering spells at each other. We are a podcast that TLDR’s everything from Androids to Zombies for you.

You can find us by searching Geeks Are Wired in iTunes or head on over to our website at

Contact Information:
Phone #: (801) 896-Geek (4335)

Pledge Thank-you Gifts


To determine the amount of a donation to KISU as eligible for being tax deductible please refer to this example. It is important to note this example is only a guideline and the official receipt for tax deduction purposes will be sent to you from the ISU Foundation Office. All requests for a Thank-you Gift must be made in the "Comments" box at the bottom of the Pledge Form at the time of the donation.

Amount of Total Cash Donation$100.00
Value of Premium Thank-you Gift$50.00
Amount Eligible as Tax Deductible$50.00

We recommend you visit with your Tax Advisor.

ContributorPremium ItemLocationMinimum
Ace Hardware & Outdoor Sports$10.00 gift cardPocatello$20.00
Alameda AutomotiveOil changePocatello$50.00
Avon$10.00 certificatesPocatello$20.00
Best Western Cottontree InnKing or Family Suite, One night stay (up to $125.00)Pocatello$175.00
Black Swan Inn$100.00 gift certificatePocatello$150.00
Café RioMeal & Med Drink (up to $12.00)Any location$25.00
Centrum HearingSz10 hearing aid batteries (40 batteries)Pocatello$50.00
Centrum HearingSz13 hearing aid batteries (40 batteries)Pocatello$50.00
Clarion Inn$25.00 certificate to Brass Rail RestaurantPocatello$40.00
Comfort InnOne Room NightIdaho Falls$95.00
Cuzzin's Photo$50.00 certificate (8x10 portrait sitting or $ off print)Pocatello$75.00
Days InnOne Room NightSalt Lake City$75.00
Destination Inn$100.00 gift certificateIdaho Falls$150.00
Einstein Bros. BagelsBagel Bucket (13 bagels/2 tubs cream cheese)Pocatello$20.00
Elmer's Restaurant$10.00 certificatesAny location$20.00
Elmer's RestaurantMeal-for-Two certificatesAny location$70.00
Fitness Inc.3-month membershipPocatello$195.00
Fred MeyerAmazon Kindle FirePocatello$295.00
Garcia's Restaurant$10.00 gift cardIdaho Falls$20.00
Geraldine's Bake Shoppe$5.00 gift card (multiples available)Pocatello-IF$15.00
Hanson Supply1 Case Baywest Bathroom Tissue (96-500's)Pocatello$80.00
Hanson Supply1 - 40# Right Now Laundry SoapPocatello$70.00
KISU-FM RadioISU Bengal ClocksPocatello$40.00
KISU-FM RadioISU Christmas ball ornamentPocatello$15.00
KISU-FM RadioHolt Arena metal ornamentPocatello$40.00
KISU-FM RadioAquaSheen Automatic UmbrellaPocatello$15.00
Master MechanixOil changePocatello$60.00
New Day ProductsBasic Package Auto DetailingPocatello$40.00
Perkin's Restaurant$10.00 certificatesPocatello$20.00
Pocatello Powersports$25.00 gift cardsPocatello$40.00
Ramada InnOne Room NightPocatello$75.00
Sandpiper Restaurant$15.00 certificatesPocatello$30.00
Sandpiper RestaurantPunch cards (Save $132)Pocatello$175.00
Stirling Golf$25.00 gift cardsPocatello$40.00
Sun Valley ResortWinter Lift TicketSun Valley, ID$65.00
Sutton Family DentistryBleach Trays & BleachPocatello$325.00
Sutton Family DentistryCleaning/Exam/X-RaysPocatello$395.00
Todd's AutomotiveLube, Oil & Filter ChangePocatello$45.00


With pledge donations made online via the KISU-FM Pledge Form the donor may indicate in the section titled "Additional comments or special instructions" the top two or three premium preferences from which a confirmation of the gift will be made to the donor. If the donor does not wish to to claim a premium thank-you gift, please indicate this choice in the Comments space as well.

There are a limited number of premium thank-you gifts available from each contributor so the donor may call Dave at 208.282.5939 in order to verify current availability of items. Leave a voice message if needed.

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Public Service Announcement Format for KISU-FM

Thank you so much for choosing KISU-FM as a media resource for providing the general public with information about your organization's activities. We firmly believe one of our roles here is to become involved in the communities we serve by doing just that. If there is a drawback to providing public service announcements (PSAs), it's that we have so many different groups asking for air time. With that in mind, we ask that anyone submitting PSA material do so at least two weeks in advance of the event or activity being promoted. Because available air time is limited, it becomes extremely difficult to get information on the air if we receive it just a few days before the event or activity. We will certainly do our best to accommodate any request for publicity about an activity, but ask your forgiveness if we're unable to give adequate exposure. We certainly encourage your continued use of KISU-FM, and request that you give us the opportunity to better serve your needs by giving us adequate time to get your message on the air.


Jerry Miller
General Manager

At KISU we understand the importance of community and are pleased that you and/or your organization have called upon us to help promote your event.

In order to work most efficiently in getting your event on air, please fill out the following information about your event and email it to

Also, please understand we only have twenty to thirty seconds time slots for announcements. Thanks!

  • Who is putting on the event (Organizations Name)?
  • What is happening at the event (Dinner, Music, or Presentation)?
  • Where is the event taking place (location & Address)?
  • When is the event (Date and Time)?
  • Why is it happening?
  • How would a person get more information (phone #, website, email)?
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