Paramedic Science

Course List - Paramedic Science

The ISU Paramedic Science professional program of instruction is based on a cohort class. To be awarded the Associate of Science degree students must complete both the professional curriculum listed here and ISU's general education requirements or their equivalent. Students must be accepted by ISU to be eligible to apply for admittance to the Paramedic Science program. The Paramedic Science degree program is very competitive; only those that meet the rigorous requirements are admitted. The professional year of the paramedic program consists of three semesters of paramedic courses and clinical placements followed by a 10-week internship in the final, fall semester.

The ISU-Meridian Paramedic Program admits up to 20 students annually. These students must have already completed significant pre-enrollment requirements including a current EMT certification, current vaccinations, a current CPR Health Care Provider certificate, core pre-professional requirements including two semesters (eight credits total) of Anatomy and Physiology with a lab, and a two credit course in Medical Terminology from a regionally accredited college or university. Paramedic classes are taught at the Meridian campus and clinical experiences are offered at a variety of off-campus settings, including community hospitals and service agencies.

Paramedic Science Curriculum

Semester One, Fall - 16 credits

PARM 2211 (3 cr.) Basic ECG Interpretation
PARM 2212 (3 cr.) Paramedic Pharmacology
PARM 2213 (2 cr.) Paramedic Fundamentals
PARM 2213L (1 cr.) Paramedic Fundamentals Lab
PARM 2214 (3 cr.) Paramedic Pathophysiology
PARM 2215 (3 cr.) Intro to Paramedic Medicine
PARM 2217 (1 cr.) Paramedic Integration I Lab

Semester Two, Spring - 16 credits

PARM 2221 (3 cr.) Medical Emergencies
PARM 2221L (1 cr.) Medical Emergencies Lab
PARM 2222 (3 cr.) Trauma Care
PARM 2223 (2 cr.) Advanced Emergency Care
PARM 2224 (3 cr.) Special Populations
PARM 2224L (1 cr.) Special Populations Lab
PARM 2225 (2 cr.) Advanced ECG Interpretation
PARM 2229 (1 cr.) Paramedic Clinical Practicum I

Semester Three, Summer - 6 credits

PARM 2231 (2 cr.) Rescue-Operations
PARM 2237L (1 cr.) Paramedic Integration II Lab
PARM 2239 (3 cr.) Paramedic Clinical Practicum II

Semester Four, Fall (~10 weeks) - 6 credits

PARM 2249 (6 cr.) Paramedic Field Practicum


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