Welcome to the Moodle ISU Student Lessons

Here you will learn the basics for using Moodle. This area can also be used as a reference and we hope that you find it helpful. If, at any time, you have problems with this lesson (or any other Moodle related problem) there are two things that you can do.

  • For general login and accessibility issues - contact the IT Service Desk.
    • For login issues you must contact the IT Service Desk via phone or in person
  • For internal class problems (such as not being able to get into a quiz) - contact your instructor.
Using these Lessons

Here are some things that will help you as you go through these lessons.

  • Some pages will contain more information than will fit on the screen. Be sure to scroll down on the pages that require it.
  • Only the most commonly used Moodle features are talked about here. For information on more advanced features, please refer to the ISU Student Guide.
    • The Student Guide is a tutorial course within Moodle that provides information, tips and tricks to help you navigate and use Moodle for your courses. To find the Student Guide the first time, you will need to login to Moodle, click on the All courses link, search for the course by typing the name in the "Search courses" box and click on the Go button. Once located, click on the course name to access it. If you would like the course to automatically appear in your course list each time you log into Moodle, go in the Student Guide and click on the Enroll me in this course link in the "Administration" block.

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