National Contest - Design an interactive science activity
Entries are due February 28

First Prize: $500
Second Prize: $250
Third Prize: $100
All entries will also be entered into a contest to win a paid trip to the 2014 National Science and Engineering Festival in Washington D.C.

To enter:
Your goal is to create a hands-on science activity that uses the theme: the science of imaging. You may explain any derivation of this theme! For example, you could devise an activity that demonstrates how doctors use X-rays to visualize broken bones or how DVD players work! There are a lot of imaging techniques out there. Be creative!

Instructions and Entry Form

Video Contest for High School Students
Entries are due March 3rd

First Place: $250 CASH PRIZE!!!!
Second Place: $100
Third Place: $50

Film contest:
Let your imagination run wild in a science-themed creative film. Recreate a scientific moment in history or animate a scientific principle using a creative approach.

Live performance captured on film:
Gather a group for a science-related performance, and capture this on film. Sing an ode to Mother Nature, dance your scientific appreciation, or express your scientific creativity in other ways.

Instructions and Entry Form