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  • Our Mission - to improve the health of communities through research, education, and service.
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Institute of Rural Health

IRH Project Reports

Comparison of Intentional Deaths (Suicide) and Unintentional Motor Vehicle Traffic Deaths with and without Traumatic Brain Injury, 1999-2010

New! Resources for Community Suicide Prevention

Feasibility Study for Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Wellness Center

Idaho Suicide Prevention Plan 2011

Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline: Analysis of Options for Decision Making

Youth Suicide Prevention Toolkit

Real Choices Project Final Report

2000-2003 Traumatic Brain Injury Planning Grant Final Report
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Health Services Systems Environmental Scan & Intervention

IRH Publications

Piland, N.F., Berger, L.R., & Naumann, R.M. (2010). Economic Costs of Motor Vehicle Crashes and Economic Benefits of Prevention for the San Carlos Apache Tribe. IHS Primary Care Provider, 35(12): 272-277.

O’Farrell, D. & Aubrey, D.L. (2010, December). Rural Responses to H1N1: A Flexible Model for Community Collaboration. Rural Society, 20(1), 76-84.

Freudenthal, J.J., Boyd, L.D., & Tivis, R. (2010, September). Assessing Change in Health Professions Volunteers’ Perceptions after Participating in Special Olympics Healthy Athlete Events, Journal of Dental Education, 74(9): 970-979.

Phillipp, A., Stokes, C.D., Tivis, R., Gans, D., & Piland, N. (2009, September/October). Are Medical Offices Prepared for the Next Disaster? Journal of Medical Practice Management, 25(2): 97-99. PMID: 19911544.

Stamm, B.H. (2009). The Concise ProQOL Manual. Pocatello, ID:

Stamm, B.H. (2009). The ProQOL Instructor’s Workbook. Pocatello, ID:

IRH Presentations