Assessment and Program Review
in the Office of Institutional Research

Assessment Resources

The Office of Institutional Research maintains a library of assessment and program review texts and other resources. Additional resources designed to meet specific program-based needs are available by arrangement. Contact the Associate Vice President for Academic Programming & Review for more information.

Broadly speaking, the Associate Vice President serves as an institutional advocate for assessment in general, and as a resource on procedures and requirements aimed at developing a culture at ISU of sound assessment, effectively integrated with teaching and learning within and across programs. The Associate Vice President works with college level coordinators and the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning to integrate unit, program, and course assessment with unit and faculty development efforts and to develop and offer a range of assessment training and development opportunities for assessment coordinators, faculty, and administrators.

The online resources listed in the links below represent a wide range of sound assessment tools, practices, and examples from across the academy. The list will be revised periodically, and the Office of Institutional Research welcomes suggestions for additions and requests for links to specific types of resources.

AAHE Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning

Online Assessment Resources

Assessment Titles Available in the Assessment Office

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