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Records Management Policies at ISU

Program History

The ISU Records Management Program was initiated in FY 2000 in response to the State Archivist at the direction of President Bowen. The policies related to the Program arise from the legal requirements of the Idaho Public Records Law and related Idaho Code, State Board of Education guidance and legislative rules, as well as applicable federal regulations. Detailed information on the laws and regulations are included within the State Board of Education Higher Education Records Management Plan Guide. ISU policies have been updated to reflect the establishment of the Records Management Program (see Faculty/Staff Handbook). As policy changes or increases in detail, this web site will reflect those changes.

The following guidance should be followed:

There is a general moratorium on the destruction of records without prior approval of the Records Manager. This is intended to avoid accidental destruction of permanent or archival records, and confidential records going into regular trash and recycling. It does not mean no records are being destroyed, only that we need to document which ones are being purged. This documentation serves to protect the offices of origin and the institution from legal and related issues (see How-to - Records Destruction at ISU).

The Records Manager is authorized to access most files of the University, and works under a Confidentiality Agreement. With very few exceptions, ex: some legal files of the Office of General Counsel, all other records and information materials should be made available for records survey and inventory processes. This level of access is necessary for the development of accurate retention schedules and policies. Office visits to view records/files will always be on an appointment basis. The Records Manager encourages any personnel to contact her with questions or concerns.

Oversight of the Records Management Program

To serve as oversight for the Program and to participate in policy and procedure development, a Records Management Advisory Committee (RMAC) was created during FY 2000. It is composed of personnel appointed by Dr. Bowen at the request of the Records Manager. 

The members are:

In addition, there are three ex-officio members.

    Members list updated October, 2006

From time to time working groups may be formed in support of the program.

See also the Faculty-Staff Handbook section on the University Record Management Program (Part 5; Section 5).

What rules and regulations govern higher education records in Idaho?

Related Records Management Policies

As an institution receiving both state and federal funding, ISU comes under many specific requirements for record keeping. Custodial relationships with federal and state agencies include restrictions concerning records management, for example,

Please contact the Records Manager if you wonder if these or any other policies apply to your department's or project's records.

Oversight Organizations

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