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Transferring Records to University Archives

Before preparing an Approval to Transfer Records to University Archives form, determine that all records you want to transfer qualify as permanent. Refer to the Records Retention Schedule, or contact the Records Manager for assistance.

Preparing the Records -

Use Standard-Size Boxes

All records transferred to University Archives must be placed in standard boxes measuring 15" X 12" X 10". These boxes are available from University Stores by calling 282-2176 and are called "Scotty Boxes" or "Banker's Boxes." A standard brand is the "Fellowes 703" box.

Organize Records in Folders

Files should be organized in labeled file folders and the folders listed on a Box Contents Form. If records are in binders, they may be placed in records boxes as long as the lid can close normally and the box is not distorted by the contents. (Don't force binders into a box. If they don't fit, then empty their contents into folders.)

Contents List

A contents list is required for each box transferred to University Archives. Records will not be accepted without a list. If your records present special problems, contact the University Archivist at 282-3608 for help. Contents lists allow the Archivist to retrieve files in the future. Be sure to keep a copy of your lists for your future reference as well.

Box Labels

Once each box contains a contents list, prepare labels for the boxes. Be sure to list the box label information on the matching contents list so that if they are separated, they can be reunited.

Approval for Transfer to University Archives Form

This form documents department manager approval of the removal of files/record materials from departmental storage, as well as their placement in the University Archives. It should list the (a) total number of boxes being transferred, along with (b) a general description of the contents, (c) the date range of the records enclosed. Boxes will not be accepted without both Contents forms and a manager's signature of this Transfer form.

Contact University Archives

University Archives does not have any means for picking up your boxes. Physical Plant (the campus "movers") can pick up and deliver your boxes for you. However, you must call University Archives at (208) 282-3608; or e-mail the Library's Administration at to arrange a time for the receipt of your boxes by Archives staff.

Do not plan to deliver boxes during the lunch hour, 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. , as the Archives is closed.

Accessing records in University Archives - a department may arrange to access or duplicate their record: in University Archives by contacting the Library's Administration,

Text Box: Office of Origin:	University Archives Use Only  	    	Date of Transfer:                                                                 Department name	  Record Type(s)  	RG#  	Notes:  examples: Correspondence, Annual Reports, Meeting Minutes  	  Date Range:  	            Contents List Enclosed?        Yes  /   No     	  	  Box Count for this Transfer Date:  	  	                                                        example: 2 of 14

*Please note: Size of the label must be 4" x 7". This label may be printed for department use, or click here for blank box label in Rich Text Format.