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Confidential Shredding Services for Idaho State University
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Many offices at ISU have a need for confidential records destruction. Records that need confidential destruction include:

Permanent Records
An overview of types of permanent records and related information.

Purges and Destruction of Records
Steps to take prior to destroying or purging temporary records.

Records Coordinators - Overview-

Ideally, all offices and divisions of ISU will appoint at least one person to be a Records Coordinator (RC). Click here for details about these liaisons to the Records Program.

Records Surveys - What records do you have on hand?
How to tell what types of records you have, where they are, and how long to keep them.

Staff Separation - Records Review and Turnover Checklist
The checklist provided is a set of recommendations on managing the turnover of the files of a departing coworker, in the interest of preserving institutional and departmental memory.

For many reasons, long-term and temporary employees leave ISU. It is important for managers and supervisors, as well as those who inherit the workload of a departing staff member, to be aware of the implications of this separation. In the realm of records and information management the departure of staff is the single most likely time for records to be lost. Most of the time this is simply because time is not taken to secure files and information like passwords prior to the final work day.

Transfer Permanent Records to University Archives
Instructions on how to transfer permanent records to University Archives once they exceed the storage capacity of the office of origin.

Transfer Temporary Records to the Records Center
Instructions on how to transfer temporary records to the Records Center.

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