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Shop Assistant

To maintain and repair hand and power tools; maintain tool and equipment inventory and supply room; procure, issue, and secure tools, supplies and equipment; maintain computerized inventory systems. Typical duties: fabricates training aids; cleans, sharpens, and lubricates hand and power tools; cleans and makes minor repairs on lockers and benches in workshop and laboratory areas; identifies need and arranges for major equipment; repairs, unlocks, and prepares shop labs for class; insures that Masterials Saftey Data Sheet (MSDS) records are current for all products used; verifies quantity and quality of orders; tags supplies and stocks shelves.

These work invoves standing for long periods of time and duties which requires stopping, bending, and lifting 50 pounds to waist height several times a day.

Pay range: Min $7.25 - $9.77 hr

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