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Equipment Assistant | Job Categories

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Equipment Assistant

Incumbant issues, retrives, and inventories athletic clothing and equipment; maintains and adjusts athletic equipment. Required to work irregular shifts depending on the season and scheduling of various athletic events. Some positions require physical ability to lift athletic equipment weighing up to 25 pounds. Issues to and insures retrieval of athletic equipment and clothing from individuals, teams, and faculty for various sports; stores athletic equipment for daily and seasonal use; follows up on equipment and clothing not returned or lost; issues and collects locks; prepares team equipment and clothes for travel and home games; sests up shot clock; secures storeroom; launders athletic clothing according to fabric and care requirements; operates and cleans clothes washers and dryers; may operate and clean electric sewing machines.

Pay range: Min $7.25 - $7.77 hr

Last Updated: 07/22/09 at 09:43:12 AM