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Custodial Assistant

Cleans, sanitizes, and polishes bath, lavatory, shower, and sink fixtures; dusts, washes, sponge mops; sanitizes, and shampoos furniture, woodwork, walls, windows, and glass items; cleans shades and covers on light fixtures; replaces light bulbs; removes waste and debris from areas; sweeps, strips, seals, and finishes wood, linoleum, and other floors; washes windows. Operates scrubbing, buffing, shampooing, vacuuming, and wet/dry pickup equipment; finishes floors using sanders, strippers, and final finishers; insures that floor and building area is secure; verifies doors are locked and lights and appliances are off; reports fire hazards and other emergencies. May set-up portable flooring, tables, and chairs for special events, provide direction and answering basic questions regarding events for patrons; move furniture, appliances, and similar items; shovel snow from walkways.

Pay range: Min $7.25 - $7.77 hr

Last Updated: 07/22/09 at 09:41:15 AM