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Student Animal Lab Assistant | Job Categories

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Student Animal Lab Assistant

To care for laboratory animals used in university teaching and research projects. Typical duties include: feeds, waters, and exercises laboratory animals; cleans facilities and animal cages; participates in obtaining blood, urine, and fecal samples; assists in restraining and preparing animals for operating procedures; provides post-operative care; operates incinerator, sterilizer, and cage washing machines; quarantines animal shipments; repairs cages and enclosures; transports animals between buildings; maintains inventory of supplies and animals.

Work is performed in damp, hot, and odorous surroundings. Employees are required to handle, restrain, and care for laboratory animals including rodents, dogs, cats, and rabbits and must administer medications and be willing to perform euthanasia on animals. These positions involve expose to diseased animals who may bite or scratch and employees are subjected to annual medical monitoring. These positions involve lifting and carrying 50 pounds and standing and walking for the majority of a shift.

Employees must be able to read, write, and follow written and oral instructions. Employees must have a current driver's license.

Pay range: Min $7.25 - $8.60 hr

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