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Department Resources - Performance Appraisal FAQ

When are classified performance appraisals due? All classified employees shall be evaluated after one thousand forty (1,040) hours of credited state service from the date of initial appointment or promotion and after each two thousand eighty (2,080) hours of credited state service thereafter. Departments may choose to conduct performance at one set time each year based upon their business needs.

When is a classified probationary appraisal due?
New classified staff employees shall receive a probationary appraisal prior to the end of their 1040 hour probationary period. If a probationary appraisal is not conducted within that timeframe, the employee may pass probation by default.

How are non-classified performance evaluations conducted?
All non-classified employees must be evaluated annually.  The purposes of which are to identify areas of strength and weakness, to improve employee work performance, and to provide a basis on which the University may make decisions concerning retention, promotion and merit salary increases.
Any written recommendations that result from a performance evaluation must be signed by the appropriate supervisor with a copy provided to the employee and a copy placed in the official personnel file of the employee. All deans, vice presidents and other faculty occupying administrative positions will be evaluated as if non-classified.

Why are classified performance evaluations conducted?
The purpose of evaluation is to provide an objective evaluation by the immediate supervisor of an employee’s performance in comparison with established work standards for the position and to identify an employee’s strengths and weaknesses and where improvement is necessary. All ratings shall be discussed with the affected employee who shall be allowed the opportunity to submit written comments regarding the rating.
Performance evaluations shall be used in connection with promotions, demotions, retentions, separations, and used as the affirmative certification for merit increases and for certifying a probationary employee to permanent status.

How can I access the appraisal forms?
The performance appraisal forms are located on the Human Resource forms website at .

How can feedback be collected for the appraisal process?
The Peer Input form can be used to incorporate feedback from peers and customers to provide a more well-rounded perspective on employee’s performance. This form can be found on the Human Resources forms website at  
What if I disagree with my performance appraisal?
Employees can attach relevant documentation to support their disagreement with the appraisal in their personnel file. Classified staff employees may also utilize the Problem Solving Track Procedures to resolve the matter.  The Problem Solving Procedures are located on the Human Resources Performance Management website at

What is the appraisal period?
The appraisal period begins the day after the last annual supervisor’s appraisal until the date of the next review.

I have not supervised my employee for the full appraisal period. Am I still responsible for completing the performance appraisal?
The current supervisor, at the time the appraisal is due, is responsible for ensuring that a performance appraisal is completed. However, it should be a collaborative process with input from the previous supervisor being utilized.

My employee refused to sign the performance appraisal after we met to discuss it. What should I do?
Signing the performance appraisal only indicates that the employee has been given an opportunity to review it, not that he or she necessarily agrees. If the employee refuses to sign the form, a supervisor should write that the employee refused to sign and forward the original document to Human Resources.