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Hiring and Recruiting - Temporary Employee FAQ

What is a temporary employee?
According to ISU personnel policy, a temporary, classified staff employee is a position that is not permanent in nature, or in which employment will not exceed one thousand three hundred eighty-five (1,385) hours of credited State service during any twelve (12) month period for the University. Temporary employees are not protected by the Idaho Division of Human Resources rules.

How do I find a temporary employee?
Temporary employees may be hired directly by a department, Job Service, a temporary employment agency, or in a competitive process through Human Resources. For any hire, other than through a temporary employment agency, a Student and Temporary Action Request form must be submitted with the appropriate signature approval within three days of hire.  A Hiring Packet can be downloaded from the Human Resource forms website.  

How long can an ISU temporary employee work?
An ISU temporary employee can work for the University for a maximum of 1,385 hours from the original date of employment with the University.  They are only allowed to work 19 weeks at 20 hours or more per week in a fiscal year. The remainder of the fiscal year they are limited to work less than 20 hours per week up to 1,385 hours.   If the position is anticipated to last longer than this timeframe, contact Human Resources for other employment options.

What are a supervisor’s responsibilities for a temporary employee?
Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that temporary employees hired on ISU payroll do not exceed the limit of hours and duration of employment.

Additionally the supervisor is responsible for informing the employee about completing the necessary payroll forms and for ensuring that the employee’s time is reported accurately and according to payroll processing deadlines.

Are temporary employees eligible for benefits?
Temporary employees will not receive fringe benefits other than those mandated by law, i.e. FICA, unemployment compensation and workers compensation.

How are temporary employees paid?
All temporary employees are classified as non-exempt, hourly employees; therefore, they must receive payment for overtime hours. A temporary employee that physically works beyond 40 hours in a Monday through Sunday work week must be compensated at a one and a half times their hourly rate for all hours above 40 in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act. Pay for temporary employees performing the job of a permanent classification shouldl be at a rate equal to the entry level of the corresponding classified position.