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Sick Leave

(1) All employees accrue sick leave as provided for in Title 67, Chapter 53, Idaho Code, and the rules of the Idaho Division of Human Resources and Personnel Commission at the rate of 3.7 hours each biweekly pay period. There is no cap on sick leave accruals.

(2) Sick leave is to be used only in cases of actual sickness or disability or other medical and health reasons necessitating the employee’s absence from work, or in situations where the employee’s personal attendance is required or desirable because of serious illness, disability, or death in the immediate family.

(3) At the employee’s option, annual leave may be used in lieu of sick leave.

(4) Sick leave may also be used by an employee for temporary disabilities, including pregnancy, which prevent the employee from performing assigned duties. If accrued sick leave and accrued annual leave have been exhausted by an employee, leave without compensation may be granted for a reasonable period of time.

Leave for maternity purposes shall be treated as any other short-term disability. The employee’s physician shall be considered the sole authority in determining the disability period insofar as compensable sick leave is concerned. Leave preceding and following the time the employee is disabled shall be leave without pay unless the employee elects to use accrued vacation leave.

(5) An employee may use accrued sick leave for the purpose of providing care of immediate family members or close relatives residing with the employee.