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Benefits: Time Off: Jury Duty/Court Required Service

Leave for Court Required Service

(1) When an employee is directed by proper authority to appear as a witness for the federal government, the State of Idaho, or a political subdivision, or to attend court in any capacity on official duty, he or she shall not be considered absent from duty. Expenses incurred in connection with this duty are reimbursable through the University in accordance with state travel regulations. The employee is not entitled to receive compensation for expenses from the court.

(2) When an employee is summoned to serve on a jury, he or she shall be granted leave of absence with pay for the time that he or she would otherwise have worked. The employee is entitled to keep fees paid by the court. Expenses in connection with this duty are not subject to reimbursement by the State.

(3) An employee must request annual leave or leave without compensation for:

(a) appearing as a party in a non-job-related proceeding involving the employee;

(b) appearing as an expert witness when the employee is compensated for such appearance; or

(c) appearing as a plaintiff or complainant, or as counsel for a plaintiff or complainant, in a proceeding in which the Board or any of its institutions, agencies, school, department, or office is a defendant or respondent.