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Application for Master of Counseling Program

APPLICATION DEADLINE: The Master of Counseling application has been re-opened. Deadline is July 1, 2015 for the class beginning in the Fall 2015. Contact the department first before applying to see if opening is still available.

The Pocatello two year Master's degree programs are:

The Meridian three year Master's degree program is:

Please download the application packet and checklist at the bottom of this page. The packet includes instructions on completing the Department of Counseling application and the Graduate School application.

Requirements for Admission

The applicant will need to:

  1. have a bachelor's degree (from a regionally accredited institute of higher education),
  2. meet the guidelines for admission to the ISU Graduate School, and
  3. meet the GRE or MAT standards listed below.


    GPA (last 60 credits)

    Standardized Test


    3.0 to 4.0

    40th Percentile on at least one area of the GRE or 40th Percentile on the MAT

    If the applicant does not meet both GPA and percentile requirements, but meets one of the parameters, they can be admitted with performance requirements.

    2.5 to 2.999   

    Combined Verbal and Quantitative (V + Q) score of 300 on GRE or 45th Percentile on the MAT


    Below 2.499  

    No Admission


    Note: The method for calculating an admission GPA is based on the last 60 semester undergraduate credits


PLEASE NOTE: The Department of Counseling accepts applications, interviews applicants, and admits students yearly during the spring semester for course work beginning the next fall semester.

The GRE or MAT is required for admission. It is also advisable that you to apply to the Graduate School once you have made your decision to apply to the Master of Counseling program. Request official transcripts be sent to the Graduate School. Your application could be delayed at the Graduate School pending receipt of GRE/MAT scores and/or official transcripts. If this occurs, it is possible that your application may not be reviewed by the Department of Counseling Admissions Committee.

If you are interested in admission and the January 15 deadline has passed, contact the Department of Counseling. A secondary admission process may be conducted after April 15 if the program has not filled with quality applicants.

Download the Master's in Counseling Application Packet
Download the Application Checklist


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