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Name: Sarah Pickle

Hometown: Green River, WY

High School: Green River High School

Major: Pre-Pharmacy

Interests/Hobbies: Snowboarding, Running, Reading, Fishing

Career Goal: My career goal is to eventually receive my pharmacy degree and work at a hospital.

Why ISU’s Honors Program? There are a lot of perks to the Honors Program at ISU. First, you have smaller class sizes making it easy to create study groups and having one on one connections with your professors. Also, ISU is the only university in Idaho where you can receive an honors degree which will set you above other candidates when searching for a job!

Honors Program Experience: I love being a member of the Honors Program because the professors make the classes interesting as well as enriching. The professors and staff not only want you to learn the material but they also want you to succeed and will do anything to help you whether it's with advising or choosing a major. Through the program I have made life long friends and connections. It has truly been a great experience!

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