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University Honors Program

Name: Michael Schultz

Hometown: born in Omiya, Japan; but raised in Pocatello ID

High School: Century High School

Major: Seeking Honors Degree in Mathematics

Interests/Hobbies: Math, Snowboarding, Rock Climbing, Knowledge, Reading, Physics, Music, Guitar, Bicycling, Disc Golf, other Outdoor Activities.

Career Goal: University Professor of Mathematics / Theoretical Physics

Why ISU’s Honors Program? The offer of scholarship dollars, a chance to live in the Rendezvous Center, and the opportunity to graduate with an Honors Degree is what persuaded me to apply.

Honors Program Experience: Small Class sizes, Interesting classes (substituting for less interesting general classes), Chances to work one on one with Professors in classes that I am interested in, and a chance to write a Thesis as an undergraduate.

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