History Department

Dr. Yolonda Youngs and Dr. Kevin Marsh are completing the initial stages for an Idaho Humanities Council major research grant (IHC #2013018)  awarded to them for the 2013-2014 year to develop and create scholarly content for an environmental history mobile app prototype about Yellowstone National Park.  The prototype of this mobile app focuses on the largest lake and one of the oldest tourism sites in the park, Yellowstone Lake.  The app provides content about the park's cultural, social, and environmental history through short, written texts and archival documents, photographs, maps, postcards and other imagery. 

Chloe Troester-SolbrigCaitlyn Long
An interdisciplinary team of faculty and student researchers contributed to the project.  Students at left, Chloe Troester-Solbrig (History, undergraduate) and right, Caitlin Long (Masters of Public Administration, graduate) gained research experience through their contributions to historical GIS mapping and data collection, archival research, digitization of historical documents, content editing, and mobile app design.  


Dr. Youngs and Dr. Marsh are seeking additional funding and partnerships with local agencies and organizations to extend the project to other major developed areas of Yellowstone NP and complete a fully functioning mobile app.  Dr. Youngs' research focuses on national parks and protected areas, GIS, environmental history, and cultural geography.  Dr. Marsh's research focuses on debates over public resources in the American West and wilderness studies.