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ISU’s Red Hill “I” demolition is underway

Posted June 10, 2014

Work widening the access road to the Idaho State University Red Hill “I” has gone faster than anticipated so the demolition of the “I” began June 10.

A temporary catchment barrier was constructed below the “I” to provide protection during the demolition.

The contractor anticipates the complete demolition will take approximately one week.

The public is reminded that the Red Hill closure is in effect, and that the closed area around the “I” has been expanded during the demolition. The access road on both sides of Red Hill is closed, as is the top of Red Hill near the pillars.

Demolition can be viewed from the Early Learning Center Parking Lot adjacent to the Pond Student Union Parking Lot and from the bleachers on the west side of Davis Field.

At the same time the University is taking down the “I,” it is also working with the community to find means for its replacement, and a committee comprised of ISU officials, alumni, student representatives and the City of Pocatello has been meeting.

Originally, it was announced that the demolition would begin the week of June 16 because it was anticipated it would take about a week to improve the access road to the “I.” However, the company was able to improve the access road sufficiently in one day.

A series of three engineering studies completed last year concluded the “I” is a safety risk because it is cracked, unstable and there is extensive erosion below and around it.