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Idaho State University announces Eastern Idaho Science Olympics winning teams

Posted March 26, 2014

Idaho State University Department of Physics recently hosted the Eastern Idaho Science Olympiad on the ISU campus, which featured four teams of seventh through ninth grade students from Franklin Middle School and Hawthorne Middle School.

The students competed with homemade helicopters, wheeled vehicles, egg-carrying falling rotors, and boomilevers. Students competed in a forensics challenge, and tested their knowledge and experimental skills in five other fun science events.

Up to three students from each team could compete in each event. Students earning first, second, and third place in each event were presented with gold, silver and bronze medals.

The teams with the highest composite ranking over all events were presented with trophies and a $150, $100, or $50 cash award to support science education courtesy of the Pocatello Kiwanis club.

A team from Hawthorne Middle School in Pocatello consisting of Kristan Alexander, Dawson Averill, Carolin Barnes, Kyle Bascom, Maele Christensen, Geoffrey Dye, Maddy Hale, Kallee Hillier, Cody Stinnet, and coach Gail Dutton placed first.

Second place went to a team from Franklin Middle School in Pocatello with Addyson Berrett, Corinne Brunger, James Eckersell, Luke Porath, Parker Romriell, Joseph Thompson, Nathaniel Walker, Madison Watson, Noah Zepen, and coaches Maria Nelson and Ken Dehl.

Third place went to a second team from Hawthorne Middle School, also coached by Gail Duttton. Team members were Meg Austin, Bailey Brockett, Kate Brown, Tavia Hill, Brooke Johnson, Isabelle Leavitt, Kyle Lewis, Madison Nield and Mikayla Sherer.

All teams are encouraged to compete in the state competition in Nampa on April 5. The Idaho champion team will be invited to compete in the National Science Olympiad at Indiana University in May.

The Science Olympiad is a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of science education, increasing student interest in science, and providing recognition for outstanding achievement by both students and teachers.

The Olympiad was made possible by faculty and student volunteers from the ISU departments of physics, biology and chemistry, and volunteer scientists and engineers from the Idaho National Laboratory.

More information on the Science Olympiad program is available at For more information on the Eastern Idaho Science Olympiad, contact Steve Shropshire at, or 282-2212.