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Idaho State University School of Nursing has international flair

Posted March 20, 2014

The Idaho State University School of Nursing is proving to be an international draw.

Julius O. Kehinde, an assistant professor of nursing who was born in Oyo State, Nigeria, said he came to ISU because it is a distinguished research-focused institution and has the necessary resources needed to develop his program of research. Additionally, he said ISU also recognizes and provides an enabling environment for diversity.Julius O. Kehinde

Kehinde, brings with him a diverse international background that is valuable to students and faculty.

“Although I have been a registered nurse in the United States for the past 14 years, my experience in other countries, including England and Nigeria, has given me a global perspective of what nursing is all about,” Kehinde said. “Nursing, regardless of its context, involves caring, compassion, and provision of quality care and these are what nurses all over the world strive for.”

He has found that ISU is an outstanding place to teach and do research.

“The best thing about teaching at ISU is the small-town feel, the sense of belonging here. Everyone works together toward common goals, and people are willing to help each other out,” Kehinde said.

Arin Akande, an international nursing student from Ibadan, Nigeria, said she decided to study nursing in the United States because of the resources available for learning.Arin Akande

“It’s amazing to see the tremendous amount of information and technology that is being used to teach nurses here in the United States in order to provide efficient knowledge that will be applicable in the real world of health care,” Akande said.

She chose ISU because the nursing school is recognized nationally and it is more affordable than the other nursing schools she reviewed before making her choice. Akande said her experience has been great.

“ISU has wonderful faculty as well as fellow nursing students who have diverse knowledge in various areas of health care and who are always willing to share ideas that will help us become better in our chosen nursing profession,” she said. “The school is great, the atmosphere for learning is there, the people are warm, and everyone is looking out for each other to help achieve and attain the best knowledge possible during this period of our lives.”