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Idaho State University-Meridian researchers recruiting children for pacifier study

Posted January 17, 2013

Do pacifiers affect speech development in children?

That's a question researchers in the Department of Communication Sciences at Idaho State University-Meridian will explore in a study about pacifier use in young children.

Principal investigator and speech-language pathology graduate student Tamara Nagoda is seeking children between the ages of 3 ½ and 5 ½ years old who’ve used a pacifier or have no history of use.  She is working under the guidance of speech-language pathology professor, Peter Flipsen, Jr., Ph.D. 

"The purpose of this study is to research the history of pacifier use in children with speech delays and in children with typically developing speech," said Nagoda.

Children can have a diagnosed speech delay or be developing speech normally. Parents will be asked to complete a brief survey about their child’s background and development.

Researchers are conducting the study in the Speech and Language Clinic on the ISU-Meridian Health Science Center campus, 1311 E. Central Drive.  Children will undergo a two-hour speech and language evaluation. The results will be provided to parents at no cost. 

If you'd like to participate in the study, call the clinic at 208-373-1725 or email Nagoda at before Feb. 13.