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Idaho State University 10th-day report shows gains

Posted September 9, 2010

Idaho Student University students are taking more classes, and the number of students advancing toward a degree has increased this year compared to last fall, according to the 10th-day enrollment report for fall semester, released today by university officials. The report also shows a 3 percent increase in the number of total student hours being taken.

"The increase in total student credit hours indicates that students are more likely to graduate in a timely manner," said Laura Woodworth-Ney, associate vice president for curricular and academic excellence. 

Idaho universities have traditionally reported enrollment figures on the tenth day of each semester, although the most accurate enrollment figure is the final end of semester count, which will be available in January.

While the 10th-day report at this time shows a decline of 6.5 percent in the overall student headcount from last year, Woodworth-Ney said that the overall enrollment is likely to be up again for the fifth consecutive fall semester.

"The present report doesn’t account for students enrolled in our Early College Program due to the delayed start of the public school year," said Woodworth-Ney. "We anticipate at least another 1,200 students in that program as well as another 500 students in other programs."

Last academic year, between the 10th-day report and the final end of the semester count, Idaho State University gained roughly 2,000 additional students, an increase of 8.6 percent over the early semester snapshot when all categories were counted. Typically, the difference between tenth day and end of semester enrollment has averaged about 9 percent.