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Preliminary numbers indicate spring 2010 enrollment up over 13 percent at Idaho State University

Posted January 11, 2010

The total headcount at Idaho State University is up 13.6 percent – 13,686 students versus 12,046 – compared to the first day of spring semester last year, according to preliminary enrollment numbers announced Monday, Jan. 11.

"Our numbers could still go up by a few percentage points from where they are at right now," said ISU Provost Gary Olson. "These strong enrollment numbers represent exceeding good news for ISU in light of the state’s current economic climate. Increased enrollment gives us additional flexibility in how we continue to meet the institution's budget challenges."

Administrators expect this number to remain stable until the official 10th-day of class figures are released later this month, and to increase when Early College Enrollment credits are included in counts later in the semester.

Olson noted that Idaho State University is meeting the student needs posed by this increased enrollment through a combination to of increased direct instructional support from ISU Academic Affairs, increased scheduling efficiencies, and a truly impressive level of temporary capacity and load adjustments offered by ISU faculty and chairs across the colleges.

"The fact that we continue to meet increased student instructional need with ever-shrinking resources is a great credit to our institution and a remarkable accomplishment by our faculty and staff," Olson said.