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ISU professor emeritus releases book on writing a book

Posted December 10, 2008

Dr. Barry Parker, Idaho State University professor emeritus of physics, has published the book “You Should Write a Book, a Guide for Authors.”

Parker has published more than 20 books on a wide assortment of topics.

“Anybody interested in writing and publishing a book may be interested in reading this book,” Parker said. “This is the shortcut way to get a book published.”

Parker generally writes popular science books. He has written four books on Albert Einstein, including “Albert Einstein's Vision: Remarkable Discoveries That Shaped Modern Science.” Another recent work he published is “The Isaac Newton School of Driving.”

As a freelance writer he has written for the “Smithsonian” magazine, Encyclopedia Britannica, Time-Life Books, “The Washington Post” and numerous magazines. Several of his books have been self-published, including his most recent one.

Parker, a native of British Columbia, Canada, taught physics at ISU from 1967 to 1997. His research area was general relativity, black holes and cosmology, but he also had an intense interest in biophysics. He taught a biophysics class for several years and did some research on the physics of the DNA molecule.

He enjoys playing the piano (pop, jazz, blues, classical, western) fly fishing, boating and skiing. He lives in Pocatello with his wife, and has a cabin in Island Park, near Yellowstone.

Parker’s newest book, published by Stardust Press, is available from his Web site, as well as online bookstores such as or Books ordered from the author will be autographed.