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More than 60 students to participate in ISU Graduate Research Days March 14, 16

Posted in Academics, People, Research by taylandy on the March 1st, 2015

More than 60 graduate students from Idaho State University will share their research endeavors at the inaugural ISU Graduate School Research Days events on March 14 and 16 in the Rendezvous Complex A, B and C Suites. (more…)

Idaho State University professor Williams helps launch Journal of Positive Sexuality

Posted in Academics, People, Research by taylandy on the February 10th, 2015

Idaho State University Sociology Professor DJ Williams helped launch the Journal of Positive Sexuality, the first journal of its kind, on Feb. 3.

The journal features articles, open to a variety of fields, that relate to positive sexuality. Positive sexuality helps people think about open communication and sexual diversity, according to Williams. (more…)

Neels Van der Schyf named new Idaho State University Vice President for Research, Dean of Graduate School

Posted in Academics, People, Research by taylandy on the February 10th, 2015

Cornelis J. (Neels) Van der Schyf, current dean of the Idaho State University Graduate School, has been named ISU Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, pending approval from the Idaho State Board of Education. (more…)

Idaho State University geologists help piece together details of Nevada’s immense Alamo crater

Posted in People, Research by taylandy on the February 3rd, 2015

Idaho State University’s Leif Tapanila has spent more than a dozen years studying a “whopper of a hole” in Nevada, discovering more about the impact of a comet about 380 million years ago that left the Alamo crater, which is about 60 miles wide and two miles deep.

“It is one of the largest comet impact craters that has been discovered in the last while,” said Tapanila, who is the chair and associate professor of the ISU Department of Geosciences. “Even though the area has been twisted up by mountain building, it is a great spot to look at the environment and see what it was like before and after the comet hit. We get a perfect time slice of that historic event. We’ve been mapping out the extent of the crater, basically starting to piece it back together.” (more…)

Idaho State University dental hygiene department honored for serving children and families

Posted in People, Research by taylandy on the February 2nd, 2015

Idaho State University’s Department of Dental Hygiene has been awarded the Idaho Head Start Association 2015 Edward Zigler Innovation Award for providing free, high-quality oral health care to low-income families in Idaho.

Associate dental hygiene professor Karen Portillo will accept the award Feb. 11 at the IHSA Scholarships and Awards Banquet in Boise. (more…)

Idaho State Universty GIS Training and Research Center designated as one of eight NASA DEVELOP Nodes

Posted in People, Research by taylandy on the January 26th, 2015

NASA scientists like to say, “We’re doing cool stuff right here on earth,” and a lot more of it will now be taking place at Idaho State University, which was designated as a new NASA DEVELOP research node this month.

This new recognition will expand research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students not only at ISU but for others as well, said Keith Weber, director of the ISU GIS Training and Research Center and ISU advisor for the NASA DEVELOP Node. (more…)

I Chose ISU: Robert Hanson, biochemistry master’s student

Posted in Academics, People, Research by taylandy on the January 26th, 2015

Robert Hanson, a master’s student in Idaho State University’s biological sciences department, chose ISU because of the faculty, research opportunities for undergraduates, and the welcoming attitude to nontraditional students.

Hanson graduated from Idaho Falls High School in 2003. He has lived in towns throughout the Northwest, including Idaho Falls; Twin Falls; Elko, Nevada; and Ogden, Utah.

About his experience of moving around so much, Hanson jokingly says, “I tend to think of myself as a ‘nomad of the West.’” (more…)

Idaho State University study shows prep football participants often don’t properly inflate helmet bladders

Posted in Featured, People, Research by taylandy on the January 26th, 2015

Proper fitting football helmets are essential to help prevent concussions in prep football players, but a new study by Idaho State University shows that many players use inappropriately sized helmets, and often don’t reinflate the air bladders in their helmets.

Both of these factors can result in more concussions.

Although 97.5 percent of participants wore helmets that required regular, weekly reinflation of interior bladder systems, 43 percent of participants acknowledged never reinflating their bladders during the 12- to 16-week 2013 football season. (more…)

Idaho State University’s Maria Wong’s research on relationship between poor sleep in adolescents and alcohol/drug related problems gains international publicity

Posted in Academics, Featured, People, Research by taylandy on the January 16th, 2015

New research by Idaho State University’s Maria Wong on the relationship between poor and insufficient sleep for adolescents and them developing alcohol and drug problems has again gained international publicity.

Even before her latest research had been published Jan. 16 as an “Early View” on the website of the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, Wong had completed interviews with National Public Radio, BBC, the Brazilian magazine “VEJA” and Healthline News. The full results of her study will be published in the February 2015 online-only version of the journal. (more…)

Idaho State University engineering, physical therapy researchers join effort to create an augmented reality device to aid arm rehabilitation

Posted in People, Research by taylandy on the January 12th, 2015

Researchers at Idaho State University are working to create a virtual reality system that will assist with arm rehabilitation for people who have suffered from strokes or who have had an arm amputation.

The wearable goggles could potentially even help patients before they have a new prosthetic after an amputation or have use of their arms after a stroke. (more…)

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