How to Apply


Applicants for admission to graduate school may choose two options to apply. You can apply online or send your application by mail. If you choose to apply by mail, you may obtain an application for admission from the Graduate School. Or you can also download the application form. When completed, the form must be returned to the Graduate School, Campus Box 8075, Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho 83209-0009.  

Applicants applying as degree-seeking students must request that each institution at which they have taken any post-secondary work submit one official transcript directly to the Graduate School. Idaho State University undergraduate transcripts are available to the Graduate School and need not be forwarded by the applicant.

Applicants must include a $55 non-refundable application fee with the application form. Students who do not pay the required application fee for admission may not register for courses.

Some programs require additional information (e.g., letters of recommendation); please review individual departments for additional requirements.

Please see additional requirements for degree-seeking, last semester seniors, and international students under those headings in the General Information section of the Current Graduate Catalog.

The applicant must clearly indicate the graduate program desired on the application form, or if a non-degree-seeking student, the college and department in which the student intends to take courses.

Application Deadline

Application forms must be completed and returned to the Graduate School no later than May 1st for summer session enrollment, July 1st for fall semester enrollment, and December 1st for spring semester enrollment, or the following Monday should these dates fall on a weekend. Please note that some programs have earlier deadlines than those listed; please contact the program chair for specifics.

Notification of Admission

Applicants who have been accepted into Graduate School will receive a notification letter and a copy of the Approval for Admission form from the Graduate School. Those who have not been admitted will receive a letter from the Graduate School or from the department/college to which the student made application.

Admission to Graduate School allows a student to enroll in graduate courses in the specified department and college. It does not imply admission to courses in other departments. Only those admitted as degree-seeking students may assume that they are permitted to seek an advanced degree in the discipline/department which approved the admission. Non-degree-seeking students who are admitted are permitted to take courses in the department which admitted them, but this does not imply they will later be approved for admission as a degree-seeking student.

If you have specific questions regarding admissions, contact us.

If you have questions about graduation requirements, please contact Donna Plant.

For Non-Degree Seeking Applicants Only

Non-degree-seeking students include those seeking certification, professional growth, or strengthened backgrounds for various professional and industrial occupations.

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