Undergraduate General Education Requirements Committee (GERC)

2014-2015 Undergraduate General Education Objectives Courses - as Approved Dec. 6, 2013

SBOE-Mandated changes to statewide Gen Ed Program:

14 March 2014

Re:  Further word from your General Education Requirements Committee (GERC) on revised course proposals for General Education

Dear Deans, Directors and Chairs,

A status update on where we are in the process of bringing ISU’s current General Education Objectives into alignment with the new SBOE task force ones, and what it means for your General Education courses:

GERC members are about midway through the process of comparing the drafts of the new SBOE competency guidelines for Objectives 1 - 6 to our current ISU ones, and our currently-approved courses.  We anticipate finishing this work next week, before Spring Break.

  1. These comparisons will allow GERC to identify which currently-approved course proposals for Objectives 1-6 will need to be revised, in whole or in part, and resubmitted to show how the courses meet the new learning outcomes.  Although we continue to be told that the drafts of the new guidelines we are working with are not likely to change substantively, GERC will only be able to notify you officially about which course proposals will need to be revised and resubmitted, along with a timeline, after the SBOE meets to approve the new competency guidelines, which we are still being told will take place sometime in April.

  2. In the meantime, if you are concerned about any of your department’s Objective 1-6 courses, you may contact your colleges’ GERC representatives after our next GERC meeting on 18 March to get a sense of which courses are likely to require revision, which not.

  3. The SBOE task forces are not revising ISU’s Objectives 7-9 (Critical Thinking, Information Literacy and Cultural Diversity).  Submission of revised proposals for Objective 7-9 courses that GERC remanded last semester by Friday, 21 March will ensure that we can review and respond to them in April, before the bulk of our work will return to Objective 1-6 courses.  GERC will also continue to accept and review any new proposals for Objectives 7-9 courses on an ongoing basis.

I hope this answers the questions you are likely to have about what’s going on with our General Education program in light of the SBOE’s new state-wide competency guidelines.  Please also feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

Collegially yours,

Cathy Peppers
Chair, GERC 

All General Education courses MUST have formal proposals submitted and approved through this process before they will be counted as fulfilling General Education requirements. Proposal submissions are encouraged and accepted throughout the spring and summer for processing, and will be put in the pipeline for fall.

General Education Course Proposals Form - refer to Rubrics (below) when completing this form

General Education Objective Rubrics

Introduction: About the Objective Rubrics
General Rubric for Evaluating Proposals for all Objectives
Objective 1: Written English
Objective 2: Spoken English (revised)
Objective 3: Mathematics
Objective 4: Humanities, Fine Arts, and Foreign Languages
Objective 5: Natural Science
Objective 6: Behavioral and Social Science
Objective 7: Critical Thinking
Objective 8: Information Literacy
Objective 9: Cultural Diversity
All Objective Rubrics (in one document)

Sample General Education Course Proposals

List of General Education Requirements Committee (GERC) members 2013-14

  • Cathy Peppers (Chair), College of Business -- term expires May 2015
  • Erika Kuhlman, College of Arts & Letters -- term expires May 2014
  • Jim Skidmore (replacing Angela Petit), College of Arts & Letters -- term expires May 2016
  • Jerry Lyons, College of Education -- term expires May 2014
  • seat vacant, Division of Health Sciences -- term expires May 2014
  • Tara Johnson (Secretary), Division of Health Sciences -- term expires May 2015
  • seat vacant, College of Science & Engineering -- term expires May 2014
  • Andrew Holland (Vice-Chair), College of Science & Engineering -- term expires May 2016
  • Mike Hansen, College of Technology -- term expires May 2016
  • Sandra Shropshire, Library -- term expires May 2015
  • Jim Bigelow, Undergraduate Curriculum Council Vice Chair (Ex Officio, non-voting) -- term expires May 2014
  • Sarah Mead, Office of the Registrar (Ex Officio, non-voting) -- term expires May 2015
  • Margaret Johnson, Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs, (Ex Officio, non-voting)
  • Lori Austill, Instructional Technology Research Center (Ex Officio, non-voting) -- term expires May 2016
  • ASISU Student representative (seat vacant) (Ex Officio) -- term expires May 2014
  • Catherine Read, Administrative Assistant