Memorandum 125
January 27, 2000
Members Present:

Phil Blick, Steve Byers, Chris Daniels, Deb Easterly (presiding), Kay Flowers, Sue Jenkins, Dave Kleist, Rudy Kovacs, Bill Akersten for Skip Lohse, Mark McBeth, Joe Morris, Subbaram Naidu, Ken Rodnick, Doug Wells, Rob DeLoach for Dan Wolfley

Members Absent/Excused:

Barbara Adamcik, Jonathan Blotter, Frank Harmon, Will Hamlin, Dianne Horrocks, Edwin House, Richard Inouye, Beth Stamm, Keith Weber, Paul Zelus

Ms. Easterly declared a quorum was present.

I. It was MSC (9y,0n) to approve Memorandum #124 with the following editorial changes:Insert the word "and" in front of bioengineering in the first paragraph of the second page. Change wording in the first sentence of the third paragraph to "there will not be a Specific Research Grant Competition...".


A. Ms. Easterly reported for Dr. Hamlin that the Faculty Research Committee awarded 11 grants for a total of $38,079 for the fall semester. This committee will meet on March 3 to select the five outstanding researchers for FY2000 and then again on March 24 to select the Distinguished Researcher for the year.

B. Joe Morris said that the Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Committee had not met since last semester, so he had nothing new to report.

C. Ms. Easterly reported that the Undergraduate Research Committee has been working on the bylaws, the guidelines for the Symposium, and the guidelines for the research grants and travel grants. The Symposium is scheduled for April 14. They hope to have the first proposal competition this summer.

D. Ms. Easterly reported that the second call from the Humanities/Social Sciences Research Committee has gone out because only about $60,000 of the $90,000 available was awarded in the fall. The deadline on this call is February 28.

E. The Call for Proposals for the University Research Committee competition is going out and the deadline is March 31.

F. There are ten nominees for Distinguished Researcher. The material has gone out for peer review and should be returned soon so that the Faculty Research Committee can begin the review process for the March 3 meeting.

G. We have received the contracts for both INEEL Research Alliance projects. The budget was about 10% more than last year. These projects are currently underway.

A. Ms. Easterly said the change in the Bylaws of the Undergraduate Research Committee talked about in the last meeting is on the second page and clarifies what it means to be ineligible--that you are not a member of the unit you represent. Ms. Horrocks left written suggestions to change "faculty mentors" to "faculty sponsors" in the first paragraph on page 1. On page 3 under "Ethics", the Council suggested adding (See Student Handbook.) at the end of the first sentence. On page 7, Article IV, Section 2-Eligibility, Ms. Horrocks suggested inserting "not on academic probation" after "in good academic standing". In Article VII Section 3, it was suggested that wording in the first sentence be changed to "by the date specified in the most recently published Guidelines...". It was MSC (9y,0n) to approve the changes.

B. Ms. Easterly reviewed the handout of the Higher Education Research Council Budget for FY2000- ISU receives $150,000 for infrastructure, for which Dr. House puts out a call each spring. Currently there is no funding for a Specific Research Grant Competition, but the budget request has been made and hopefully will be $500,000 available. The matching grants are listed under UI because they are the lead institution for the NSF EPSCoR program, but ISU gets about $110,000 out of the $600,000. The Research Center Funding was awarded to the Center for Ecological Research and Education and they are in the second year of that award. Therefore, ISU gets about $500,000 of the HERC budget.

C. A handout detailing dates to submit material to the Human Subjects Committee was distributed.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.