Memorandum 114
October 22, 1998

Members Present:

Tebbs Adams, Barbara Adamcik, Brian Attebery, Jonathan Blotter, Richard Brey, Raymond Clark, Steve Daley, Chris Daniels, Leonard Hitchcock (for Kay Flowers), Dianne Horrocks, Dave Kleist, Rudy Kovacs (presiding), Skip Lohse, Dean Longmore, Anna Ratka, Dan Wolfley
Members Absent/Excused:
Frank Harmon, Edwin House, Richard Inouye, Mark McBeth, Subbaram Naidu, Sarah Patrick, Paul Zelus
Mr. Kovacs declared a quorum was present.

I.    It was MSC (13y, 0n) to approve Memorandum #113 with the following change:

1.    Under Council Business, II.A., change John Knox to John Kalivas.
1.    Mr. Kovacs and the Council reviewed the distribution of the new $100,000 Dr. House received for research purposes.

2.    Mr. Kovacs reported that the State Board of Education approved an adjustment in the Mission Statement. Initially, Research was listed as seventh in order or importance. Faculty Senate discussed the order with Dr. House, who requested that Research be listed as a higher priority for ISU. The approved Mission Statement now lists Research as fourth.

3.    Dr. Ratka reported that the Faculty Research Committee distributed their Call for Proposals. Proposals are due by November 16, 1998. The committee also participated with the Distinguished Researcher Call for Nominations.

4.    Raymond Clark, new chair of the Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Committee, reported that they have approved and sent out their call for proposals. Proposals are due by November 9, 1998. The Committee voted on and approved ASISU graduate senators as voting members. Mr. Clark also indicated that the amount allocated for GSRSC has increased by $3,500; as a result, the Committee decided to increase dissemination funds from $50 to $150.

5.    Mr. Kovacs reported that the University Research Committee did not have anything to report.

6.    Mr. Kovacs reported that the call for nominations for Distinguished Researcher has been sent out. The deadline to submit nominations is November 23, 1998. Mr. Kovacs urged members to submit any qualified nominees.

7.    Mr. Kovacs reported that the paper peer review for Research Center proposals submitted to the SBOE has been completed.

8.    Mr. Kovacs reported that JFAC is considering re-instating the SBOE Specific Research Project Grant program.

9.    Mr. Kovacs reported that ISU currently has two research alliances proposed to the INEEL.

10.    Mr. Kovacs reported that the Museum received a $1.3 million grant from NSF. Ms. Horrocks added that there are four co-PIís, and the grant allocates $400,000/year for a three year period. Dr. Lohse explained that the grant focuses on teaching rural populations in Idaho about bio-diversity through outreach education.

11.    Mr. Kovacs reported that Collette Evans and Sarah Patrick received a $1.2 million grant from NIDA. Ms. Horrocks added that this grant allocates $300,000 -$400,000/year for three years, and studies children whose parents have a history of substance abuse.

12.    Other - None

    A.     Mr. Kovacs explained some of the changes in the HSSRC Bylaws. Most changes were related to the external peer review; Dr. Bowen did not want to conduct an external peer review, and those changes are indicated in the bylaws. It was MSC (14y, 0n) to accept the amended HSSRC Bylaws. Mr. Kovacs indicated the HSSRC Guidelines will be available at the next RCC meeting.
      2.    Mr. Kovacs opened the meeting to discussion regarding NIH and NSF Conflict of Interest Requirements. Dr. Brey reported that he took the issue back to his constituents and they do not want to maintain specific financial records; however, if it is necessary for a specific grant they will.
      Ms. Horrocks added that this is an issue where everyone needs to be well-informed about requirements by NSF and NIH. Ms. Horrocks moved to table this item until more information is available. The motion was MSC (13y, 0n).
      3.    Mr. Kovacs initiated discussion regarding the Undergraduate Research Program Proposal presented at the last meeting by Dr. DeJesus and Dr. Kalivas.
      The Council discussed budget requests for the Undergraduate Research Program Proposal. The Council discussed the $10,000 that Dr. DeJesus and Dr. Kalivas requested. It was MSC (13y, 0n) to support the idea of undergraduate research and Dr. Houseís "seed money." Dr. Atteberry indicated that there is $10,000 available from NSF EPSCoR and wondered if this is money already available. Mr. Wolfley pointed out that this is money we already have.

      The Council discussed representation on the committee. Mr. Kovacs explained that Dr. House suggested a committee composed of faculty members with representation similar to GSRSC. Mr. Clark explained the structure of GSRSC, and recommended that an undergraduate ASISU senator should be appointed as a voting member. Mr. Clark felt that appointing an ASISU senator would be the easiest way to get a student on the committee.

      Dr. Adamcik asked if there were any conditions attached to the EPSCoR money. Ms. Horrocks stated that the money should not dictate the membership, but for the next two years the money must be spent in a specified way, and perhaps that could be explained to members up front.

      Mr. Clark indicated that the committee could be created to be "equitable" for all undergraduate areas, so if the initial money is only available for sciences, then other money would be acquired for other areas. In GSRSC the bulk of money requests are from the sciences. Mr. Clark also added that if ASISU student fees were used, they would be available to all disciplines.

      Dr. Atteberry suggested representation by division: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, business, etc. There was a motion to elect faculty representatives based upon divisions within the College of Arts and Sciences, and a member from each of the other colleges. It was MSC (13y, 0n) to approve this motion.

      Dr. Brey asked to address the NSF EPSCoR criteria. Dr. Atteberry mentioned that the minutes from the previous meeting indicated that the EPSCoR money must be used for science, but could also be used for infrastructure for the new committee.

      Ms. Horrocks moved to include at least one student on the committee. Dr. Ratka agreed and added that she felt the student should have research experience. Dr. Blotter noted that, if research experience is a requirement, a student might be hard to find. For example, the Engineering senator has no interest in research. Ms. Horrocks suggested an application process, nomination by faculty, or selection by the committee. Ms. Horrocks withdrew her motion until the Council has further information.

      Dr. Adamcik suggested that the committee, once established, can determine the student representative. She also noted that the funding is not limited to proposals, but can be used to fund undergraduate R.A.ís, conference fees, dissemination awards, etc. Dr. Ratka indicated that the $10,000 is starting money, and can grow. Mr. Clark advocated the use of ASISU senators because of the good campus-wide communication network available to them. Dr. Brey motioned to table the issue until goals and objectives of the committee are clearly understood.

      4.    Other - A council member asked for the minutes to show that he would like to receive his meeting information packet by the Monday before the meeting in order to read his material. He noted that the packets have been arriving at increasingly shorter time periods, and he needs more than one hour to read all of the information and be prepared to discuss it at the meeting. Other Council members agreed.

Meeting adjourned 4:05 p.m.