Memorandum 123
November 18, 1999

Members Present:

Barbara Adamcik, Steve Byers, Chris Daniels, Deb Easterly, Sandra Shropshire    (sub for Kay Flowers), Will Hamlin, Dianne Horrocks, Edwin House (presiding), Sue Jenkins, Dave Kleist, Rudy Kovacs, Mark McBeth, Joe Morris, Subbaram Naidu, Ken Rodnick, Beth Stamm, Doug Wells,
Members Absent/Excused:
Phil Blick, Jonathan Blotter, Frank Harmon, Richard Inouye, Skip Lohse, Keith Weber, Dan Wolfley, Paul Zelus

Dr. House declared a quorum was present.

I. It was MSC (12y,0n) to approve Memorandum #122 with the following changes: Change "an" to "a" in the first line of the second page. Change "who" to "which" in the seventh sentence of Council Business, Item E.


A. Dr. Hamlin reported that the Faculty Research Committee will meet on December 3 and December 12 to vote on the sixteen research proposals.

B. Joe Morris reported that the Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Committee made the recommendations for awarding ASISU scholarships at their last meeting. They will meet tomorrow to review and discuss the twelve research and dissemination proposals received. Dr. House requested the Council's assistance with getting the word out about the graduate student call for proposals spring semester. There were about 22 proposals last fall semester and only 12 this semester.

C. Dr. House reported how the Undergraduate Research Committee came about and that the ad hoc committee is charged with developing bylaws, guidelines for proposals and guidelines for the symposium. Dr. House distributed the bylaws and requested that the Council meet in December to vote on these bylaws. It was requested that these bylaws be sent to the Council members electronically so they can share them with their constituents. The Office of Research will take care of this.

D. EPSCoR - NIH plan. Dr. House negotiated with the University of Idaho so that UI would submit one proposal and ISU would submit one proposal for a center for biomedical research. The deadline is early 2000. NIH is conducting a workshop to train people.

E. Dr. House reported that the Call for Proposals for the Humanities/Social Sciences Research Committee was put out last May with a reminder call that went out in September. This Committee has a budget of $90,000 for research proposals and only received about $60,000 worth of requests. Dr. House informed the Council that these funds will be spent by the end of the fiscal year.

F. Midterm accreditation report. Dr. House provided the research section along with others. Dr. House told the Council that the evaluators had no concerns, and gave five commendations. One of the previous recommendations had been to make significant changes in the research budget. This recommendation has been met and sometimes exceeded.

G. The Conflict of Interest Policy is currently at the Faculty Senate for approval. Dr. House said it was decided to proceed with this as a stand alone piece that will be added to the current policy rather than integrating it.

A. Dr. Daniels distributed a revised draft of a survey that would be used to gather information on research equipment on campus. Dr. Daniels told the Council he is heading up a subcommittee to create a database for research resources. This would be a centralized database that would, hopefully, stimulate collaboration using equipment, instrumentation, facilities, software, etc. Dr. Daniels asked the Council what they would recommend as a deadline for the material to be received. The Council came to a consensus that mid-January would be a good deadline. It was also recommended that the University Research Committee files be checked because that committee awards proposals for major equipment. Dr. Hamlin suggested adding more examples so that faculty would have a better idea of the broad spectrum of resources being requested.

B. Dr. House asked the Council for feedback regarding a policy for payment of graduate research assistants. He reported that ISU's Grant and Contract Officer said that this type of pay must be consistent for performing the same work, especially of federal dollars are involved. Dr. Wells said a policy of this nature could block us out of some federal grants because they have a stipulated wage scale. Ms. Horrocks concurred and said probably the best strategy would be to continue to educate the faculty regarding this.

C. Dr. House requested that the Council members let him know about any agenda items related to research and scholarly activity they would like to see presented.

The meeting adjourned at 3:50 p.m.

Nature of resource/facility/instrumentation:

Briefly describe the capabilities of the resource/facility/instrumentation:

Location and Person to contact about collaboration:

Are there charges or user fees associated with the use of this resource/facility/instrumentation? If so, please describe the potential costs? When are charges made?

What is the availability of this resource/facility/instrumentation?

Is there training associated with the use of this resource/facility/instrumentation? If so, please describe what training would be needed.

Please return the completed information by December 21, 1999 to: Christopher K. Daniels
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
CAMPUS Box 8334