Memorandum 126
February 17, 2000

Members Present: Phil Blick, Barbara Cunningham for IRHS Director, Chris Daniels, Deb Easterly, Kay Flowers, Will Hamlin, Dianne Horrocks (presiding), Frances Hughes, Sue Jenkins, Rudy Kovacs, Subbaram Naidu, Doug Wells, Cindy Wilson

Members Absent/Excused: Barbara Adamcik, Jonathan Blotter, Steve Byers, Frank Harmon, Edwin House, Richard Inouye, Dave Kleist, Skip Lohse, Mark McBeth, Keith Weber, Dan Wolfley, Paul Zelus

Ms. Horrocks declared a quorum was present. She introduced Cindy Wilson from the College of Pharmacy, who is the new Graduate Council representative (replacing Ken Rodnick), and Frances Hughes, a Ph.D. student in Counselor Education and Counseling, as the new Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Committee representative (replacing Joe Morris).

I. It was MSC (8y,0n) to approve Memorandum #125 with the following changes: Move Phil Blick and Sue Jenkins to members present.


A. Dr. Hamlin reported that there are ten nominees for Distinguished Researcher. The Faculty Research Committee will meet on March 3 to select the outstanding researchers (maximum of five). They will be honored at the banquet on March 22 and the winner will be selected on March 24.

B. Frances Hughes reported that the Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Committee has only had one meeting this semester. They are in the process of selecting a new chair and vice chair. The committee voted to have Frances replace Joe Morris as the representative to RCC and also voted on a new representative to the Graduate Council. Proposals to this committee are due March 15. The committee will meet again at the end of March and will make final decisions on proposals on April 14.

C. Ms. Horrocks reported that the Undergraduate Research Committee has completed the Guidelines for Symposium Presentations and these will be discussed under Council Business.

D. Ms. Horrocks reported that the second call from the Humanities/Social Sciences Research Committee has gone out and the deadline for proposals is February 28. She asked the Council representatives to encourage faculty to apply.

E. Ms. Horrocks reported that the call for proposals for the University Research Committee competition is out and the deadline is March 31. If anyone needs a copy of these guidelines or has questions, please call the Office of Research at x2714.

F. Distinguished Researcher Competition - Discussed under A.

G. The call for Released Time to Seek External Funding is out with a March 31 deadline. This released time is expressly for writing proposals for external support. A faculty member may receive up to the equivalent of 4 credits of teaching but not more than 40% FTE of released time for one semester only for this purpose.

H. Other - none.


A. Ms. Horrocks opened discussion of the Undergraduate Symposium Guidelines. She asked if any Council members had any questions or comments we could take to Dr. House; none were presented. Ms. Horrocks asked the Council to review the guidelines, discuss them with colleagues, and be prepared to discuss them and vote at the next meeting.

B. Other - none.

The meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.