Memorandum 124
December 9, 1999
Members Present:

Barbara Adamcik, Steve Byers, Chris Daniels, Deb Easterly, Sandra Shropshire (sub for Kay Flowers), Will Hamlin, Dianne Horrocks, Edwin House (presiding), Dave Kleist, Rudy Kovacs, Mark McBeth, Joe Morris, Ken Rodnick, Beth Stamm, Doug Wells, Dan Wolfley

Members Absent/Excused:

Phil Blick, Jonathan Blotter, Frank Harmon, Richard Inouye, Sue Jenkins, Skip Lohse, Subbaram Naidu, Keith Weber, Paul Zelus

Dr. House declared a quorum was present.

I. It was MSC (11y,0n) to approve Memorandum #123 with the following changes: Delete Will Hamlin's name from the Members Absent/Excused; change "twelve" to "sixteen" in II.A. and change "$100,000" in II.E. to "$90,000 for proposals."


A. Dr. Hamlin reported that the Faculty Research Committee met last Friday to evaluate the sixteen research proposals; one was determined to be ineligible. This committee will meet tomorrow to vote on the $40,000 available to award.

B. Joe Morris reported that all proposals submitted to the Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Committee were eligible and all were awarded. The majority of PI's received 80%-100% of their funding request. The committee spent about $10,000 and will carry the balance forward to next semester.

C. Dr. House reported that the Undergraduate Research Committee has been working all semester and has completed the bylaws. Dr. DeJesus has done a fine job as interim chair.

D. Dr. House reported that the Humanities/Social Sciences Research Committee voted to fund the three proposals received, which totaled a little more than $60,000. A second call is being put out with a deadline of February 28, 2000. The decision on the second round of proposals will be made in March.

E. Dr. House explained the approval sequence for the Conflict of Interest Policy. It must first be approved by the Faculty Senate, then reviewed by the Deans' Council after which Dr. Lawson forwards it to Dr. Bowen for approval. Dianne Horrocks did a fine job on this policy. The definition under III. "Employee and/or faculty member" has been edited with minor editorial changes: change "and staff" to "including staff" and change "salaried or not salaried" to "paid or unpaid."

F. We have been invited to pursue a multi-disciplinary research center for $1.5 million/year for five years funded by NIH. Potential participants are biological sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, family practice, Idaho Accelerator Center, and bioengineering. Anyone who is interested, please contact Dr. House. This will be a significant effort. Forty proposals are anticipated but only twenty-five will be funded. There is a $40 million budget in the EPSCoR program in which nineteen states participate.

There has not been a call put out for the Technology Incentive Grant competition.

With respect to HERC's SBOE program, there will be not be a Specific Project Research Grant competition unless the legislature restores the $500,000 funding for it. If that occurs, the call will come out in March or April. Dr. House hopes, if that is the case, that it will be extended to summer.

A. Dr. House asked the Council for feedback regarding the bylaws of the Undergraduate Research Committee. Dr. House reviewed the three funding categories listed on page 6--research projects, travel, and presentations at the Undergraduate Research Symposium. The definition of research in Article IV, Section 1 is the same as in the bylaws of the other research committees except that the last sentence specifies what is excluded from the definition. The submission and review of proposals is similar to the other research committee competitions.

The Council asked for clarification of eligibility of faculty. Are these the same standards as those for eligibility to the Faculty Research Committee? Dr. House said he would take this back to the Committee to be addressed. There was a questions as to what "ad seriatim" meant. It means sequential order.

Ethics - The Council asked what would be used as standards for this. Dr. House stated that recommended research practices are in our Research Policies and Procedures Manual as well as the Research Misconduct Policy, which is an official policy of the University.

It was MSC (11y,0n) to table review of these bylaws until the next meeting.

B. There was no other Council business.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.