Memorandum No. 109
February 5, 1998

Members Present:

Tebbs Adams, Ron Balsley, Jonathan Blotter, Richard Brey, Renee Bunde, Leonard Hitchcock, Deb Easterly for Dianne Horrocks, Dave Kleist, Rudy Kovacs, Tom LaHann, Ralph Maughan, Mark McBeth, Jeff Meldrum, Kevin Moore, Lin Sherman, Dan Wolfley, Paul Zelus, Edwin House (presiding) Members Absent/Excused: Steve Daley, Frank Harmon, Richard Holmer, Richard Inouye, Allen Jackson, Sarah Patrick I.         It was MSC (10y, 0n) to approve Memorandum No. 108 with the following corrections: Add Tom LaHann and Ron Balsley to members present, add David Kleist to members excused, remove duplications of Leonard Hitchcock, Richard Holmer, Jeff Meldrum in members absent/excused, correction of items E and F under Reports: Item E - Our institutional deadline for the Technology Incentive Grant is February 23 and the deadline to the State Board of Education is April 1. Item F. The institutional deadline for the SBOE Specific Research Grant Proposals was November 24 and the deadline to the State Board of Education was December 15.

Ralph Maughan, the new Faculty Senate representative, said the Faculty Senate would like to see the minutes more quickly.



A.     Faculty Research Committee - Jeff Meldrum distributed a handout which listed the awards made by this committee Fall 1997. The committee awarded eight proposals which totaled $28,967.00. Dr House requested that Jeff Meldrum, Chair, facilitate removal of all old guidelines which state the maximum award as $2,500. The new guidelines state the correct maximum award of $4,000. The Office of Research will ensure that any incorrect guidelines in that office are destroyed.

B.     Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Committee - The committee awarded thirteen proposals with awards ranging from $233 to $1,000. The committee is submitting proposed revised Bylaws and Guidelines to RCC today for approval.

C.     University Research Committee - The Call for Proposals will be out in a week or so. This committee uses a different set of guidelines than the Faculty Research Committee. It often funds proposals for moderately priced equipment. There is approximately $65,000 in this budget to award. The average award is $8,000 - $10,000. Dr. House requested that those faculty writing proposals for this call contact him if they have questions or need assistance.

D.     Research Coordinating Council Annual Report: Dr. House distributed this report to the Council. He told them that he compiles this report from the RCC minutes each year and then forwards it to the President of the University and the Faculty Senate.

E.     RTSEF Call - This call is out. This Council reviews these proposals and makes recommendations for funding to Dr. Lawson, the Academic Vice President. Dr. House reminded the Council that all research committees will be very busy in April.

F.    HSSRC Call - This call will be out as soon as the process is reviewed and approved by the Research Coordinating Council.

G.     Accelerator Center Ground Breaking - The ceremony went very well. This facility was presented by several speakers as a great step forward for research at this University.

H.    Other - Safety Policy and Procedures for Student Fieldwork.- Graduate Studies Dean Paul Tate and College of Arts and Sciences Dean, Butch Hjelm, compiled this report as a result of a tragedy this year involving students performing field work. It was distributed to the Council and Dr. House requested that members read it.

III. COUNCIL BUSINESS A.     Review of Safety Policies and Procedures for Student Fieldwork - Discussed under Reports.

B.     Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Committee Revised Bylaws and Guidelines -

Dr. House asked Renee Bunde to review the changes for the Council. The major changes are that members will be appointed rather than elected, an ethics statement was added, and the proposal dates changed to accommodate spring break. One of the Council members asked for clarification as to the wording regarding appointment by Chair because some members represent more than one unit. It was MSC (11y, 0n) to approve the revised Bylaws and Guidelines with the wording revision that will be made by the Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Committee to clarify the appointment procedure when more than one academic unit is involved.

C.     Humanities/Social Sciences Research Committee Bylaws - Dr. House asked the Council for discussion regarding the Guidelines for Proposals developed by the new Humanities/Social Sciences Research Committee. Dr. Meldrum expressed concern regarding the section stating that members of this committee would not be eligible to submit a proposal. His concern was that faculty, especially junior faculty, may not want to serve on this committee if they are precluded from submitting proposals, especially if term of service is three years. Dr. LaHann stated that the exclusion was appropriate to prevent the perception of a conflict of interest. Dr. Moore stated it might be preferable to have experienced grant writers on this committee considering the nature and amount of the proposals. The consensus was to leave the ineligibility clause for members in, but if a member wishes to submit a proposal, they need to find a substitute from their area to serve on the committee. Another concern was that proposals submitted to other committees which include personnel costs have not included the fringe benefits in the budget. This results in the amount requested exceeding the total budget shown and can result in exceeding the maximum allowable. Dr. Moore stated the amount they are requesting should have the fringe benefits included. Dr. Meldrum said the Faculty Research Committee is considering revising this section in their bylaws so that the cost of the project is accurate. Dr. Balsley recommended that this Council let the Humanities/Social Sciences Committee go ahead and put out the call. Dr. House stated that the new committee’s bylaws and guidelines are in a dynamic process and can be changed if necessary. It was MSC (11y, 1n) to accept the decisions that the Humanities/Social Science Committee will make tomorrow regarding the guidelines and to authorize them to put out the call for proposals.

D.     Extra Compensation for Work on Grants and Contracts - Vice President Lawson is concerned about legal aspects and personnel matters related to this.

E.     Government Equipment - Dan Wolfley said the letter has not gone out but will when the Vice Presidents and the legal counsel have finalized the wording. Dr. House stated this will be part of the Research Policies and Procedures Manual. Tebbs Adams said this came about as a result of a finding by auditors. Dr. Moore expressed concern about engineering equipment in Idaho Falls that may not be on any inventory. It was stated that all equipment should come through ISU Receiving and be tagged. Dr. Brey expressed concern about items that are being used on loan that would not be appropriate to tag with an ISU number. He also felt the wording was too restrictive and would result in excessive bureaucracy. Dr. Maughan suggested developing a new type of tag for loaned equipment. Dr. Balsley raised the issue of protection of both the researcher and the University in the event the equipment was damaged.

F.     Misconduct Policy - Dr. House stated that the Director of Sponsored Programs received a request from the Office of Research Integrity (ORI) for a copy of the ISU policy on scientific misconduct, which was mailed in late November. A request was then demanded by the federal ORI to add a section to the policy regarding research using federal funds and to return the revised policy by January 8, which was done. There was no request to revise our internal procedure. The revised policy was accepted. Dr. Lawson requested this Council’s approval and subsequently the Faculty Senate’s approval before inserting the policy in the Faculty/Staff Handbook.

The following additions were made: Paragraphs 2 and 3 on page 3, the second sentence of item 5 on page 4, and item 5 on page 5. Dr. House also clarified that the last sentence on page 1 was added to include all research activity, including activity that is non-scientific.

It was MSC (12y, 0n) to approve the Idaho State University Policies and Procedures for Misconduct in Research and Scholarship. This policy will now go before the Faculty Senate and the Deans’ Council. Dr. House stated that concerns, letters, or evidence regarding misconduct are to be brought directly to the Dean of Research for confidentiality and protection of the parties involved.

G.     Other - None.

Adjourned at 4:20 p.m.