Memorandum #165


October 13, 2005


Members Present:

Jim Bigelow                                          Phil Blick                                              Trent Clegg     

Deb Easterly                                         Dianne Horrocks                                  Lori Johnson    

Catherine Kriloff                                   Skip Lohse                                           Fred Risinger   

Christina Rosen Galvin                          Al Strickland                                        Susan Swetnam

Keith Weber                                        Curt Whitaker                                      Paul Zelus


Alternates:                    Cyndy Kelchner for Beth Hudnall Stamm, Al Strickland for Beverly Ray, Curt Whitaker for Brian Attebery


Absent:                         Chris Daniels, Linda Deck, Kay Flowers, Larry  Ford, Frank Harmon, Richard Inouye, Subbaram Naidu


Dianne Horrocks called the meeting to order. 


I.                    Approval of Minutes


Ms. Horrocks asked for any changes or corrections to the minutes.  Ms. Horrocks requested a motion to approve the minutes.  Al Strickland moved to accept the minutes, Jim Bigelow seconded the motion.  Motion passed (Memorandum #164).


II.                 Introduction of all members


Beverly Ray will be representing the College of Education but was unable to attend, so Al Strickland was filling in for her.    


III.       Reports


A.                 Faculty Research Committee (FRC) – Susan Swetnam reported that FRC has its full compliment of members.  The new members are Bennett Palmer from Mathematics, Jeff Hill from Life Sciences-Biology and Rex Force from Health Related Professions.  The Call for Proposals has gone out and proposals are due November 11th.  The committee will be meeting sometime in the next few weeks to review the rating system used to score the proposals.  The current method used to calculate the proposal score with the extra two points can create a situation in which faculty who have received FRC awards in the past are at a disadvantage, making it difficult for them to receive another award. 


B.         Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Committee (GSRSC) – Trent Clegg

                                                reported that the committee met on September 23, 2005.  There was one returning                         member to the committee.  Officers were elected for the committee -- Jason                                          Marenda was named the Chair, Kandi Sistrunk is Vice-Chair, Trent Clegg will be                                         the RCC representative and Tara Johnson the Graduate Council representative.                                            The Call went out and proposals are due November 7th, with regulatory committee                            approval letters being due on December 2nd.  An amendment was made to the                                        Bylaws for a representative from the College of Technology to be named to the                                      committee.  There was a change made in the guidelines under the heading                                                  Committee Procedures and Policies in Evaluating Proposals G - that states                                            disability or Veteran status.”  A request for extension of a grant was reviewed by                              the committee and approved for Meredith Seiler.


C.                 Undergraduate Student Research Committee (UgRC) – Fred Risinger reported that the Call for Proposals went out and proposals are due November 4th.  The committee discussed ideas for the Spring Symposium and agreed that the symposium will have a bio-medical emphasis in terms of the keynote speaker.   


D.                 Federal Initiatives – Dianne Horrocks reported that the Energy and Water Bill has gone through on both sides of the legislature, but has not yet passed the Senate or the House.  There is approximately $8.5 M in the Energy and Water Bill for ISU projects.  The Department of Defense Bill has not passed the floor yet.  There is approximately $3.5 M in the Department of Defense Bill for ISU projects and also the COLD Project that is funded through Fisk University.  Earmarks are added at conference which has not yet occurred, that includes ISU funding – Institute of Rural Health, the GIS Center, the Dental Hygiene Masters Program and Nancy Glenn’s BCAL Program.  There is a hold up on the Senate side that they hope to have resolved by Thanksgiving and a continuing Resolution until November 18th.  Our lobbyist is telling us that they do not believe that Hurricane Katrina and Rita will affect the budget this year, but they may next year.  We are hopeful that ISU will get approximately $12 M in appropriations in this funding cycle.   


E.                  Research Computing Subcommittee – Cyndy Kelchner reported that the committee will be meeting on Tuesday, October 18th.  There isn’t anything new to report since the last RCC meeting.  Dr. Kelchner would like to know if we want her to report on the subcommittee at every RCC meeting.  Dr. Kelchner does not always attend these meetings because she is an alternate.  Ms. Horrocks will discuss this matter with Dr. Ford and let Dr. Kelchner know.         


IV.       Council Business


A.                 ORI Conference – Deb Easterly reported that the Research Integrity Conference is being held October 20-21st.  The conference will be broadcast to Boise.  We have six spots available at the Boise location.  The cost is $25 for those participants.      The conference will also be videotaped. 


B.                 Call for Distinguished Researcher Nominations –Deb Easterly reported that nominations for Distinguished Researcher are due in the Office of Research by November 16th.                      


  Meeting adjourned ~4:07 p.m.