Memorandum #162


March 24, 2005


Members Present:

Brian Attebery                                      John Bennion                                        Phil Blick

Steve Byers                                          Jim Creelman                                        Linda Deck

Larry Ford                                           Dianne Horrocks                                  Malcom Shields

Al Strickland                                        Susan Swetnam                                    Rob Van Kirk

Thomas Windholz


Alternates:                                Cyndy Kelchner for Beth Hudnall Stamm


Absent:                         Kathy DiLorenzo


Ms. Horrocks called the meeting to order.  Dr. Wharton had other commitments and she would chair the meeting.


I.                    Approval of Minutes


Ms. Horrocks asked for any changes or corrections to the minutes.  Ms. Horrocks requested a motion to approve the minutes.  Dr. Strickland moved to accept the minutes, Dr. Shields seconded the motion.  Motion passed (Memorandum #161).


II                   Reports


            A.        Faculty Research Committee (FRC) -  Susan Swetnam the FRC members selected four Outstanding Researchers (Dr. Kenneth Rodnick, Dr. Herbert Maschner, Dr. Christopher Daniels, and Dr. Swamy Laximinara.  The Distinguished Faculty Banquet will be held April 6.


B.         Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Committee (GSRSC) - Dr. Ford   provided the report.  They received 18 research and five (5) dissemination             proposals.  Dr. Ford reported they are currently reviewing the proposals for           eligibility, etc.  In their second meeting, they will evaluate and award the             proposals.  ASISU scholarship awards have been made.  Basis used to be favor of             incoming students and standardized test scores.  A new formula has been     provided to ASISU.  The formula was approved and used in this last competition.      So far the new formula is working well.  Twenty applicants met eligibility for a    total award of $7,718.


C.        Humanities/Social Sciences Research Committee (HSSRC) – Nothing to report


D.        Undergraduate Student Research Committee (UgRC) - Dr. VanKirk said the    applications for scholarships are due this Friday.  The Undergraduate Student           Research Symposium will be held on April 14 and 15.  Thus far, they have only         received posters.  The keynote address will be held in the College of Education’s             auditorium at 4:00 pm on April 14.  Posters will be in the lobby area.  The         reception will    also be held in the College of Education.  The symposium will be      strictly for undergraduate students who have done research or graduate students      who started their research projects as an undergraduate student.  Master thesis cannot be presented in this forum.  Abstracts are due April 7.


E.         University Research Grants (URC) -     Ms. Horrocks said the deadline for proposals    is March 31.  The URC will meet in April to allocate the awards.


F.         Federal Initiatives -Dr. Ford said in 2006, the Institute for Nuclear Science and             Engineering, joint research, joint request from 3 universities and on req list for       INL Center for Advanced Energy Studies Center requesting $6 million for            Institute.  The Idaho University Consortium (IUC) priority for lab - total request             of ~$11 million. 2005 appropriations - proposals in for Dental Hygiene and       Museum.  The rest are in progress except for PAC and National Info. Assurance             Ctr (DOD dollars).  Senator Craig is checking on it for us.  NASA (GIS Ctr)          proposal will be submitted on Monday.


III.       Council Business


A.                 Financial Support for Related Activities - Dr. Ford said the Office of Research has provided a lot of support to institutes and centers, for research faculty, start up costs, support staff.  He said the center support from the Office of Research cannot continue indefinitely.  They are planning on meeting with each Center and setting a timetable to phase out funding.  They will review on a case-by-case basis and generate a plan together to make centers successful.  In the future, with new centers, a time table will be established in the beginning.


Dr. Strickland made a motion to make a set of guidelines to the decisions for funding.  No second.  Motion died for a lack of a second.  Some discussion about making a center defend on-going appropriation, do reports, etc.  Dr. Shields thinks it is a management decision.  Mr. Blick agreed.  The bottom line is to do what is best for the institute or center and University.  Dr. Kelchner feels this may been seen as a lack of support from university, i.e. punishment for those successful units.  Dr. Ford did not feel this would be the case and compared it to raising a child and then cutting the apron strings and sending them off to be self-supportive.  This type of progression is expected for a Level 2 Center.


B.         Start-up Packages for New Faculty - Information Item only - Dr. Ford advised the departments, deans, and Office of Research assist in creating a           start-up package for new faculty sometimes with the support of the Vice       President from Academic Affairs.  Dr. Wharton will be discussing at      Dean’s Council.  Dr. Ford mentioned the Office of Research needs to   know early in the process what will be requested ASAP since the cost of         packages are continually increasing.


C.        Evaluation Procedure for Research Faculty/Promotion and Tenure for    Research Faculty - Dr. Ford said they have a new draft policy for      promotion and tenure.  An evaluation process is already in place.  Dr. Ford           presented the policy and explained how it was used last fall.  Two research        faculty who are tenure-track in the Institute for Nuclear Science and             Engineering and Idaho Accelerator Center.  The process will involve peer    evaluation by an outside member, supervisor, dean, and the Chief             Research Officer.  This policy explicitly mentions “research funding” as a            criterion.  Please share this information with your colleagues.  The RCC   would like to vote on the policy in April.  Dr. Kelchner asked for       clarification on “and so on up chain of command.”  She also requested   clarification to criteria of “listed above” or “under standards for tenure.”


D.        Go for the Green Workshops - Ms. Horrocks advised the “Go for the   Green” workshop scheduled for March 31 has been filled with 55             participants.


E.         Animal Care Facilities - Dr. Ford said they currently have four applicants           tied for the position - tied for number 1 ranking.  They are considering the    top applicants.  They will make recommendations after interviews to offer             or look at list of applicants.  The position of Animal Lab Technician has             been approved.  Will start search soon.  Hopefully have three full time   positions by the end of the semester.


Motion to adjourn by Dr. Bennion, second by Dr. Bigelow.  Motion carried meeting adjourned ~3:50 p.m.