Memorandum 159

                                                               November 18, 2004


Members Present:

Brian Attebery                                      James Bigelow              Phil Blick

Steve Byers                                          Kay Flowers                            Gregory Green

Dianne Horrocks                                  Richard Inouye             Lori Johnson

Skip Lohse                                           Jason Marenda             Subbaram Naidu

Al Strickland                                        Rob Van Kirk                          Connie Tillotson (Secretary)


Alternates:                    Susan Steiner for Carol Ashton

Cyndy Kelchner for Beth Hudnall Stamm

Skip Lohse for Linda Deck


Absent:             John Bennion                Deb Easterly                 Larry Ford

Frank Harmon  Mike McCurry Robert Picard  

Malcolm Shields           Robert Wharton           Thomas Windholz        

Paul Zelus


Guests:             Christopher Daniels, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Solomen Leung, College of Engineering


Ms. Horrocks introduced herself as the Vice-Chair and said she would be presiding over the meeting as Dr. Wharton was out of town.  He was selected to receive an award from his alma mater Pierce College.  Ms. Horrocks asked those new to the meeting to introduce themselves as well as those participating as alternates for other committee members.


Ms. Horrocks called the meeting to order.


I.          Approval of Minutes

Ms. Horrocks requested any changes or corrections to the minutes.  Ms. Horrocks announced that the office was planning on submitting information to the committee (agenda, minutes, attachments) electronically to save a few trees.  However, if any committee member would prefer a hard copy to please advise us and we will mail them the information.  Ms. Horrocks also asked  Ms. Tillotson (committee secretary) to bring a few copies to the meeting.  One correction to the minutes was on page 4 to correct the spelling of Dr. Swamy Laximinarayan=s name.  Ms.  Horrocks requested a motion to approve the minutes with the corrections.  Dr. Bigelow moved to accept the minutes, Dr. Strickland seconded the motion.  Motion passed (Memorandum #158).


II.         Reports.


A.         Faculty Research Committee (FRC) - Dr. Green reported they will be meeting to consider fall proposals for the first time December 3.  He said they received a total of 23 proposals totaling $113,000 and the committee only has a little ~$37,000+ to give.  The first round of evaluations will be held on December 3 then the committee will break for a little over a week and hold the next round of discussions on December 10. 



B.         Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Committee (GSRSC).  Mr. Jason Marenda reported they made their recommendations on November 5 for eleven (11) scholarships totaling ~$13,500.  The committee also changed the ranking on how scholarships are awarded.  Previously it was a 30-40-40 split for undergraduate GPA, GRE, and graduate GPA scores.  They changed it for incoming graduate students to 60% for undergraduate GPA and 40% on the GRE scores.  For returning graduate students, it will be 10% on the undergraduate GPA, 70% on the graduate GPA, and 20% on the GRE scores. Also, the GPA scores are normalized to the average for their college.  The committee is also currently reviewing 13 research proposals and one (1) dissemination proposal.  They made the first review of the proposals.  They have notified applicants of changes or corrections needed for the proposals and on December 10 they will meet again to award the proposals. 


C.         Humanities and Social Sciences Research Committee (HSSRC) - Ms. Horrocks mentioned  Dr. Wharton is the chair of the committee and at the last meeting Dr. Green was elected as the Vice-Chair of the committee.  Eleven proposals have been distributed for review and the next meeting will be held November 30 for the initial review and December 16 to make the final decisions.  Dr. Green advised that the number of proposals the committee received is up from what has been received in the past.


D.         Undergraduate Research Committee (UgRC) - Dr. Van Kirk reported the committee made one change in the bylaws as a matter of procedure.  The bylaws have a provision for non-voting members of the committee to be appointed by the President of the University.  Since the inception of this committee, the positions have never been appointed and there has been no participation on the committee; therefore, the Office of Research advised if the committee did not feel this was a needed part of the committee and did not require this participation, it was within their rights to remove this requirement from their bylaws.  The committee voted to remove this from the bylaws.  Basically the change brings the bylaws in line with how the committee has operated.  Dr. Van Kirk advised the number of proposals was actually down from prior semesters.  They received requests for five (5)  travel awards and six (6) research awards requesting more than $14,000.  They had a budget of $10,500 to award so even with the small number of proposals submitted they did have to make cuts.  On November 16 the committee decided to fund all five travel requests at a fraction of what was requested (72%).  All five of the requests were from students in the same lab.  The committee scored the submissions as one request.  Of the six research proposals, one proposal clearly was not in accordance with the guidelines and it was eliminated from consideration.  Of the top three of the remaining five research proposals, the committee voted to award the student=s requests at the full amounts.  The remaining two were awarded at 75% of the requested amount.  This resulted in a total of $10,393.00 being funded.


E.         University Research Committee (URC)  - Ms. Horrocks reported Dr. Wharton is the chair of this committee.  No report, as the committee meets only in the spring. 


F.         Federal Initiative Update - Ms. Horrocks reported Dr. Ford was out due to illness and therefore no report will be provided at this time.


G.         INL Contract - Ms. Horrocks reported that Battelle Energy Alliance received the contract for INL and she mentioned the local newspaper had a one page announcement.  The article in the paper announced that Battelle is excited about being the new contractor and they will work with a few partners. The BEA team (Battelle Energy Alliance Team) includes BWX Technologies, Washington Group International, the Electric Power Research Institute and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  In a further subset of this, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will lead a university consortium which includes Idaho State University, Boise State University, University of Idaho, University of New Mexico, North Carolina State University, Ohio State University, Oregon State University, and of course MIT.  Ms. Horrocks advised Dr. Wharton has been in communication with his counterparts at both Boise State University and University of Idaho to collaborate and have a strong presence with Battelle from the beginning. 


H.         Other Reports - Ms. Horrocks asked if there were any other reports.  No reports.


III.       Council Business


A.         Notice of Intent (NOI) - ISU Biomedical Research Institute - Ms. Horrocks reminded the committee they were provided with an updated NOI.  Ms. Horrocks introduced Dr. Chris Daniels to make a short presentation and to answer any questions from the committee.  The concerns expressed in past meetings were addressed and clarified with the updated NOI.  She advised Dr. Daniels has also provided letters of support from deans from the various colleges.  Ms. Horrocks turned the time over to Dr. Daniels for any other updates.  Dr. Daniels expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to resubmit the NOI.  He briefed the committee on past developments of this project.  It has been evolving for the past three years.  They have proceeded with the approval received early in the process from Dr. Bowen, Dr. Lawson, and Mr. Prolo.  Dr. Daniels said their long term goal is to have a facility constructed on campus to have all the branches of the institute consolidated in one focal point for research.  Ms. Horrocks thanked Dr. Daniels for the information and requested questions from the committee.  Dr. Daniels responded to a few questions and advice provided by the committee members.  Ms. Horrocks thanked Dr. Daniels and Dr. Leung for their time.  Dr. Daniels and Dr. Leung excused themselves from the meeting.  Dr. Van Kirk requested a summary of the approval process.  Ms. Horrocks said submission to the RCC is the first step.  If we approve, then the next step is to present the NOI to Faculty Senate, then ISU Administration, and then to the State Board of Education.  Dr. Strickland moved to accept the Notice of Intent for the Biomedical Research Institute (as revised).  Dr. Bigelow seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


B.         Revision of Bylaws -   Ms. Horrocks told the Council the next item on the agenda for council business is provided mainly as information.  She explained Ms. Tillotson has been reviewing the bylaws for research related committees making sure the bylaws and guidelines are up-to-date, are clarified, are being followed, and are consistent.  She said  some inconsistencies have been discovered.  The UgRC has corrected the problems to their bylaws, and the HSSRC is planning on corrections to their guidelines and bylaws.  Ms. Horrocks said the Council will be provided with the revised information for each committee if needed.  She mentioned these changes may not require the approval of the members and will research whether by the acceptance of the minutes this will also indicate an acceptance by the Council or whether the changes require RCC approval.    Ms. Horrocks advised this information will be provided to the members prior to our next meeting.





C.         Other Business


Ms. Flowers reminded everyone that the library receives 2% of ISU=s collected indirect costs for infrastructure support.  She will provide a report on how these dollars are spent at our next meeting. 


Ms. Flowers also reported a problem they have experienced with software; problems with adding this to the university=s server.  In a sense, she feels we are suffering from our success.  Ms. Flowers suggested perhaps some discussion from the Council on how computer needs can be incorporated into grants.  Ms. Horrocks said the subject definitely could be discussed by the group.  The Office of Research/Office of Sponsored Programs have discussed including computer support costs in proposals in a recent staff meeting.  Mr. Dave Harris from the Office of Sponsored Programs is meeting with Mr. Randy Gaines to discuss what Mr. Gaines= needs might be and how we may eliminate his concerns.  Some ideas are to revise the Proposal and Approval Routing form for the inclusion of computer support as a trigger to the faculty submitting the proposals.  This would bring to the attention of those submitting a grant application to include computer support in their budget.  Ms. Horrocks said she would entertain any suggestions to take to Mr. Harris and Mr. Gaines.  Ms. Flowers mentioned they have established a steering committee to identify these areas.  Ms. Horrocks suggested the Council feel free to share any ideas and she will collaborate with Mr. Harris on this concern.


Dr. Strickland mentioned he received a FRC award last year and asked for clarification in regard to the reporting procedures for grants provided by the FRC committee.  Ms. Horrocks said the Office of Research web site contains the reporting guidelines for all ISU research related grant committees and it contains information regarding filing a final report.  Dr. Strickland questioned whether the final reports from past awards were also published to the website.  Ms. Horrocks responded the final reports from past awards are not published on the website rather they are provided to the chair of each individual committee and the chair communicates the information with their members.  Ms. Horrocks said the submission of the final reports are monitored very closely to ensure the funds are spent appropriately.  If a final report has not been submitted, the individual will not be eligible for another award until it is filed.


Ms. Horrocks requested a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Dr. Bigelow moved to adjourn, Dr. Van Kirk seconded.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned 3:40 p.m.






Approved by Faculty Senate on October 17, 2005

  • NOI was approved by SBOE on June 16, 2005 prior to FS