Research Coordinating Council

                                                                Memorandum 156

                                                                   April 29, 2004                  


Members Present:                     Tom Klein (for Brian Attebery), Alok Bhushan, Steve Byers, Linda Deck, Kathy DiLorenzo, Deb Easterly, Larry Ford, Dianne Horrocks, Edwin House (presiding), Skip Lohse, Neill Piland, Rod Seeley, Malcolm Shields, Al Strickland, Susan Swetnam, Thomas Windholz, Russ Mayer (for Dan Wolfley)


Members Absent:                     Curtis Anderson, Carol Ashton, John Bennion, Phil Blick, Maureen Brandon, Kay Flowers, Frank Harmon, Richard Inouye, Subbaram Naidu, Paul Zelus


Guests:                         Dr. Jonathan Lawson, Vice-President for Academic Affairs

                                                Karen Sparks, Financial Services


Dr. House called the meeting to order and turned the time over to Dr. Lawson.


Dr. Lawson discussed filling the position of Chief Research Officer.  The Council was provided with a copy of the position description.  Dr. Lawson explained the Search Committee was formed about 2 months ago and they have enlisted the services of one of the largest national search firms in the U.S. as this is the first time a search has been conducted by the University for a Chief Research Officer.  Dr. Lawson mentioned candidates will be arriving for interviews and he would like the members of the Council to meet with each candidate and provide their recommendations. He would like to have the person here ASAP.  Larry will help cover the office in the interim since Dr. House is currently planning to retire by June 30, 2004.  He would like to have the new person here in July at the earliest - realistically it may be August or September.


Dr. House declared a quorum was present.


I.          It was MSC to approve Memorandum #155 with corrections.


II.         REPORTS


            A.        Faculty Research Committee - Dr. Swetnam reported the committee met last Friday (April 23).  They also plan to meet on April 30th.  Of the proposals received, three (3) were disqualified which left nine (9) proposals to consider.


            B.         Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Committee - Ms. DiLorenzo reported that the committee met on the 26th. A total of $2860 was awarded to the top candidate (Taylor scholarship).  The rest of the money was divided based on scores (re:  handout provided to committee).  She reported 16 proposals were received (one was disqualified and one withdrawn).  A total of $15,000 was available to award GSRSC proposals.  Dr. Ford complimented the committee on their work.

            C.        Undergraduate Research Committee - no one present to provide report.


            D.        University Research Committee - Dr. House reported 12 proposals were received.  The URC will meet on May 7 to review the proposals and make awards. 


                                                                                                                                                         E.            Federal Initiative Update - Dr. Ford reported that all FY2004 project PI’s have been contacted except two (Boise Center Aeronautical Lab- Nancy Glenn funded by NOAA, and Pacific Rim Security Studies-Sean Anderson funded by U.S. AID.  He feels 2005 will be much more political than most, elections, etc.  Defense appropriations may be made by Memorial  Everything else is expected to be in continuing resolution and omnibus bill.                                                                                                                


            F.         INEEL Bids - Dr. House said four teams interested.  The final Request for Proposal (RFP) should be out in mid-May.  Bidders will have sixty days to complete their proposal and submit it.  Dr. House feels Idaho State University will do well regardless of which bidder wins - talking about 10 year contract with 5 year renewal.


            G.        Dr. House and Dr. Bhushan reported on a project between ISU and the Shanghai Yongye group from China “Development of Anti-Cancer Drugs from Mushroom Extracts”.  Dr. House met Dr. Wu last night at dinner.  A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed in a signing ceremony this morning.  Lab phases will be done first and then Clinical Studies.  Phase I will be funded by the Chinese. Phase II will hopefully be funded by a National Institute of Health (NIH) grant with a match from the Shanghai Yongye Group.


III.       Council Business


            A.        Overload Work for Graduate Assistants.  Two federal issues - Fair Labor Standards Act, students fall under category of hourly employee and must be paid overtime for more than 40 hours per week.  FICA - students not under this if meets definition of ISU student.  FICA exemption for students.  If student works too many hours, classification can change and may have to pay FICA. The time the work is done does not matter (evenings or weekends) since the student cannot work over 40 hours a week - they would become employees not student workers.  Students must stick to 39 hours or less per week (spread over two pay periods if needed).


            A motion was made by Al Strickland that, “No TA or RA shall be employed (work) for more than 39 hours per week on a temporary basis and their supervisor must obtain permission from the Dean of Graduate Studies to exceed 19 hours per week.  Documentation of approval from the Graduate Dean must accompany any time card when submitted.”   The motion was seconded by Rod Seeley.  Motioned passed.  The Office of Research will send a notice to all departments regarding this policy. 


            B.         Institute of Informatics Research - Level I requested.  Level I status assures quality control, that the center or institute using “research” in their name really is doing research.  Projects must be approved by the Dean of the College of Business.  Motion by Al Strickland to approve, second by Alok Bhushan.  Motion carried.


            C.        Center for Biological Imaging - Level I status has been requested.  Discussion will be tabled until Curtis Anderson is available. 


            D.        Disposition of Equipment - Dianne Horrocks reported that the RCC Subcommittee met with representatives from Financial Services on April 15 to discuss our proposed policy.  It was determined that more work should be done to fine tune the policy.  This item will be tabled until a fall meeting.                    


            E.         Release Time Support for External Funding - Proposal Consideration

                        Leonid Hanin                140 points                    Ranking - 1

                        Alan Johnson                111 points                    Ranking - 4

                        Cathy Kriloff                121 points                    Ranking - 2

                        Joshua Pak                   115 points                    Ranking - 3

            The proposals and their rankings will be forwarded to Dr. Lawson for his consideration.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.