Memorandum 149

April 17, 2003



Members Present: Sean Anderson, Curtis Anderson, John Bennion, Phil Blick, Steve Byers, Clark Draney, Kay Flowers, Larry Ford, Greg Green, Dianne Horrocks, Edwin House (presiding), Pamela Park, Neill Piland, Al Strickland


Members Absent/Excused: Alok Bhushan, Linda Deck, Deb Easterly, Frank Harmon, Richard Inouye, Subbaram Naidu, Kris Robinson, Rod Seeley, Malcolm Shields, Keith Weber, Brian Williams, Dan Wolfley, Paul Zelus


Dr. House declared a quorum was present.  


I.       It was MSC (9y,0n) to approve Memorandum #148. 


  II.       A.   Faculty Research Committee – Dr. Bennion reported that this committee met March 28th to select the 2003 Distinguished Researcher.  Dr. Inouye was selected and notices to those not selected have gone out.  Nineteen research proposals were received with requests totaling $87,150.  Nine of these proposals were from faculty competing for the first time. The committee has $36,000 available to award.  This committee will meet next Friday to discuss the proposals and will meet again on May 2 to decide awards.  The election of a new chair will also take place on May 2.


B.           Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Committee – Clark Draney reported that there were 29 research proposals and three dissemination proposals received with requests totaling around $30,000.  The committee met on April 2 to discuss the proposals and will meet again next Friday to make the awards.  The committee has completed their revisions to the Guidelines for Proposals and those will be discussed by the Research Coordinating Council today under Council business.  


C.           Undergraduate Research Committee – Greg Green reported that the committee met the last two Tuesdays to review proposals.  Fourteen research and six travel proposals were received.  One report was disqualified for not having a final report in for a previous award. Of the $59,532 requested, $17,947 was awarded or about 30% of the total requests. 


D.   Federal Initiatives – No action by Congress yet.  Dr. Ford said in discussion with Congressional staff, he was informed that all of ISU’s federal initiative requests were still alive and our Congressional representatives and Cassidy and Associates (ISU’s lobbying form) are doing everything possible to see as many as possible funded.  There is currently tremendous pressure on the federal budget.


E.   University Research Committee – Dr. House reported that seven proposals were received with requests totaling $79,971, and the committee will meet on May 9 to discuss them and make awards.  The committee has approximately $70,000 to distribute.  If the committee determines that any of the proposals are not fundable, the remaining funds will be given to the Faculty Research Committee.  Dr. Bennion will prioritize a list of alternates.


F.            Other – Dr. House reported to the Council that Faculty Senate had approved the changes in the Undergraduate Research Committee Guidelines and the Humanities/Social Science Research Committee Guidelines.


III.       Council Business


A.   Dr. House informed the Council that he added paragraph 1b in the Copyright Policy.  It was MSC (9y,0n) to approved about the changes to ISU’s current copyright policy in the section “Ownership Interest in Copyrightable Materials”.  See below.


Ownership Interest In Copyrightable Materials


(1)                     All employees and students of Idaho State University retain all rights to copyright materials they create except in the cases of “University-commissioned” materials (see below), materials covered by the specific terms of a grant or contract, or materials covered by a valid written agreement between the author and the University.


(a)Authors will retain the rights to works produced under grants from the Faculty Research Committee, University Research Committee, Graduate Student Research and Scholarship Committee, Humanities/Social Science Research Committee, or the Instructional Improvement Committee.


(b) Externally-funded projects in which the grant or contract establishes that the work is University-commissioned shall not proceed until all copyright issues are negotiated and resolved.


(c) Authors retain the rights to works produced while on Sabbatical University sabbatical leave and works prepared as part of the author's general obligation to produce scholarly or creative works including, but not limited to, study guides and similar instructional materials, audio-visual multimedia materials, articles, books, musical compositions, works of art, audio and video broadcasts, and copyrightable computer software.


(2) Idaho State University reserves the right to own and distribute copyright University-commissioned materials which that are copyrightable in the name of the State of Idaho or to publish such work and distribute without copyright. University-commissioned materials are considered as “work made for hire” when the author:


(a) was specifically directed in writing by ISU, or one of its distinct units, to develop the materials as part of his or her regular duties; or


(b) received extra pay or release time from ISU to produce the University- commissioned materials.


(3) Authors will retain the rights to works produced for WebCT instruction or materials created for electronic distribution in the same manner that they do to current class lectures, notes, and handouts. If the University has an interest in continuing to offer the instructor-created course and/or utilize the materials created for such a course to fabricate a new course, then a written agreement must be generated between the instructor and the institution prior to such use.


B.           Clark Draney talked about the changes in the GSRSC Guidelines.  The Council made the following additional changes:


Page 2, paragraph 1 under Definition of Funding Categories – Change “totally” to “totaling” in the last sentence.


Page 3, paragraph E. – After “Either a copy of the University regulatory committee(s) approval(s), add “or a cover letter showing approval”.


Page 5 – Under section D, renumber paragraphs—1. Final Reports and 2. Requests for Extension of Time


Page 9, Item 7d, - Change “Personal” to “Personnel”


Page 10 – Move the last sentence in paragraph 12--“This committee will not fund research occurring prior to the date of award.”--to the end of paragraph 8 on page 9.


It was MSC (9y,0n) to approve the changes.


C.           Dr. House asked the Council to discuss the proposals submitted under the Release Time to Seek External Funding competition.  It was MSC (5y, 2n, 2 abstain) to not recommend the proposal submitted by Dr. Johnson for funding.  The proposals from Dr. Klein, Dr. Stegner, and Dr. Schmidt were forwarded to the Academic Vice President with a recommendation for funding.


D.   There was no other Council business.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 p.m.